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Sanwa JLF-CD Translucent Red Shaft & Matching Dustwasher Set

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    Sanwa's translucent JLF Shaft and matching dustwasher set joins their OBSC series of clear and transparent colored joystick accessories.  The joystick shaft fits the Sanwa JLF series joystick, and exactly matches the color of the corresponding OBSC button or balltop. Now available is a larger matching color dustwasher to complement the translucent shaft, giving your JLF joystick a true overalll translucency.  You also get a single black dustwasher.  The solid black dustwasher is usually placed under the arcade cabinet control panel to further reduce dust .

    Shaft is not compatible with extended or shortened shafts.  Shaft will not fit The Link Quick Release JLF Shaft, but dustwasher is compatible.



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    1. I modded one of these shaft covers for an LS-32 and it makes the lever look sexier!

      Let's face it; you mod your joystick base/lever with alternate parts to make your joystick look LESS bland. There are all these these color choices and the stock joystick parts colors are nearly always black, white, or grey on the mass-market joysticks!!!! Why do they HATE red?!? on Dec 25th 2019

    2. It does what it's supposed to

      A little effort to change the shaft but it looks sexy as fuck on Feb 8th 2018

    3. Size matters

      I really like the washer, but it is important to note that the top translucent washer is larger than the stock washers. It is apparent in the image, but some may be surprised, thinking that the internal washer may just happen to be smaller than the average external washer. This may be great for some people, I myself don't mind. on Oct 18th 2017

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