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Sanwa JLF-CD Blue Shaft & Matching Dustwasher Set

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    Sanwa's Clear JLF Shaft and matching dustwasher set joins their OBSC series of translucent colored joystick accessories.  The joystick shaft fits the Sanwa JLF series joystick, and exactly matches the color of the corresponding OBSC button or balltop. Now available is a larger matching color dustwasher to complement the translucent shaft, giving your JLF joystick a true overalll translucency.  You also get a single black dustwasher.  The solid black dustwasher is usually placed under the arcade cabinet control panel to further reduce dust.


    Shaft is not compatible with extended shafts such as our extended hollow shafts.  Shaft will not fit The Link Quick Release JLF Shaft, but dustwasher is compatible.

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    1. The generic shaft cover for Sanwa JLF, JLF clones, and the Hori Hayabusa. A simple mod makes the shaft cover compatible with LS-32, too.

      The standard shaft cover works well for all marks of the joysticks I listed in my headline.
      What doesn't get appreciated or overlooked by people who DON'T kitbash is that the JLF-CD shaft can be made to fit LS-32/Zippyy clone shafts, too!
      The LS-32 metal shaft is quite a bit thicker than the other LS-series joysticks so the standard spec Seimtsu shaft covers do NOT work with the LS-32. Likewise, the stock JLF-CD shafts will NOT fit the LS-32 but they can be cut to fit the LS-32 shaft. You just have to thin the plastic by half from the inside with a coarse round file. Since the LS-32 shaft is shorter than the JLF, you must cut off 5/32" off the height of the shaft cover to fit the LS-32. I used a Dremel disc cutter to reduce the JLF shaft cover height. Lastly, I used a semicircular fine file or sand paper to smooth the inside of the shaft cover and cleaned out the loose plastic filings out with a white paper towel.
      It takes about 15-20 minutes to do this mod and opens up a WIDE world of colors for the LS-32 shaft. I did this in the days ( *years!* ) before Seimitsu finally produced a black shaft cover for the LS-32. With this mod, you can fit any color of the JLF-CD on your LS-32.
      The JLF shaft cover fits securely on top of the metal ring the LS-32 pivot sits under. The modded shaft is held between that ring and the balltop handle when the balltop is screwed on.
      I recommend using the transparent red or transparent blue JLF-CD shaft covers with the LS-32. Any color would work but those 2 colors give the appearances of annodized metal when slipped over the LS-32 shaft. Despite thinning the plastic, I have not had issues with JLF-CD shaft cover cracking. This is fairly strong plastic.
      One thing I do not care for in these kits is the oversized transparent colored dustwashers. I'd rather get 2 regular black dustwashers. The oversized dustwashers are hideous, IMHO.
      on Feb 24th 2022

    2. Great color

      Perfect fit for the color scheme of my fightstick. Highly recommended. on Oct 8th 2018

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