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FA SO.CD Cleaner for All-Button Control v2

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    SO.CD V2 is compliant with Capcom Pro Tour's new rules as of  March 30, 2023. Not sold Separately. Please do not use with Non-Brook Zero Delay PCBs


    The original FA SO.CD uses simple logic gates that are hard-coded to the decade long standard of UP+DOWN = UP. The V2 now performs UP+DOWN = NEUTRAL to comply with Capcom Pro Tour rules. We are not offering this product for separate sale until we can convert more of the devices to CPT standard. These are now only sold with Stickless Conversion Bundles.

    Various cheap Zero Delay boards on the market may not have the proper common ground properties that are needed to drive the board with SO.CD attached. The SO.CD was mainly designed for commercial Fightsticks that do not possess SOCD. For those researching an inexpensive PC-compatible device that does offer SOCD cleaning, please instead consider the Brook Zero PI Fighting Board (PI/PS3/PS2/PSX/PC/Switch).

    The FA SO.CD control PCB is designed to "clean" multiple HitBox inputs to the tournament accepted standard in a Fightstick that was not originally designed for HitBox control.  Its novel tiny green LED feedback is great for troubleshooting, plus shows you - and any tournament event operator - that you are using a legitimate device to neutralize simultaneous opposite cardinal directions, or SOCD. 

    Addressing SOCD in Commercial Fightsticks

    FA SO.CD top down photoThe fighting game community has enthusiastically embraced a unique arcade input control method that replaces the up, down, left and right directions with pushbuttons instead of a joystick lever.

    To those in the scene, this method represents a means to decrease input time and simplify directional control to button muscle memory, pulling off attacks with more confidence and speed. Of those who have learned the nuances of all-button control, desire to put that control in their favorite Fightstick. 

    SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction is an undesired output that can occur in HitBox. Unlike a lever, which only produces one direct or diagonal output based on the direction the lever is pulled, it is possible to input two opposite directions when using a pushbutton. This created unpredictable and unwanted behavior in a tournament setting, which can lead to a disqualification.  "Cleaning" the direction with simple logic states (Up + Down = Neutral, Left + Right = Neutral) allows predictable and tournament legal control when two opposite direction buttons are pressed. 

    Commercial Fightsticks manufactured by Hori, Qanba, MadCatz or others were not originally designed to clean SOCD, as the wiring expected the use of a lever for its directional control.  The FA SO.CD cleaner accepts the directional input wiring through its unique terminal connectors, then outputs it to a 5-pin male connector. The Fightstick's joystick connector attaches to this 5-pin connector, allowing it to register cleaned HitBox directions.

    Simplicity = Speed

    Designed around a dedicated logic hardware core to eliminate unnecessary processing overhead, the FA SO.CD was tested to consistently produce as little as six nanoseconds (6 nS; nanosecond=one billionth of a second) activation latency up to an astonishing 10 MHz resolution. This means it will not add any noticeable input delay when in use. Please note that the cable choice, original fightstick motherboard or Brook control PCB can still introduce its own input delay.

    Logic analyzer data capture showing the FA SO.CD button input to output falling edge latency at 6 nS (nanoseconds)
    Tested using a Saleae Logic Pro 16 running at 500 MS/s  (500 million samples per second  / 2 nS resolution)
    Logic analyzer data capture showing the FA SO.CD button input to output falling edge latency at 6 nS (nanoseconds). Tested using a Saleae Logic Pro 16 running at 500 MS/s (500 million samples per second  / 2 nS resolution)
    SOCD Input Test Voltage SOCD Input Test Voltage
    Function generator producing artificial button presses at 3.3v (PS4, XB1 voltage). Speed is set to 1 million presses per second and 10% inverted duty cycle (90% idle, 10% active low button pressed). Indicating channel 1 powering the SO.CD with 5V (usb voltage). Channel 2 is 3.3v simulating PS4/XB1 controller power voltage.

    Lighting the Way

    LED Lighting: LED light photo taken under long exposure in dark environment.  Actual LEDs are dimmer.One of the unique features of the FA SO.CD is its multiple tiny green LEDs.  Each provide you with visual feedback for power and input connections, great for confirming connectivity across wires and output to PCB. Additionally, the LEDs show an event tournament organizer that your SOCD uses tournament approved input logic. LEDs are provided for the following inputs, outputs and power:

    • VCC +5V
    • Left, Right, Up, Down input connections
    • Left, Right, Up, Down output to 5-pin connector

    Tool-less Quick Connect Terminals

    The FA SO.CD also utilized a unique quick connector that accepts wiring without the need of a screwdriver.  Once inserted, the connector locks the wiring in place. Pushing down on the durable plastic tab with your fingernail will free the wiring.

    Note: Remember to strip the wiring ends by at least 1/4 inch exposed wire before inserting into the terminals.


    • UP + DOWN = NEUTRAL, LEFT + RIGHT = NEUTRAL directional cleaning, meeting CPT March 2023 standard for HitBox control.
    • Common Ground on PCB: A single ground connection is needed for signal and power.  See photos for an example wiring installation.
    • 5-pin male JST-NH connector to attach 5-pin female connector that your Fightstick originally used for its joystick lever.
    • Green micro LEDs to indicate input, output and power.
    • Small footprint - 2"x1.75"
    • 2 pin JST ZH 2-pin connector (1.5mm pitch) for power harnesses, and alternative +5V and ground connector for bare wire from fightstick PCB.
    • Logic board will function in 3.3v to 5v (recommended) environments. USB is commonly 5v.
    • Three 3mm holes for PCB feet
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