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Female .187" to Male .110" Conversion Wire (set of 2)

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    Note: Sold in a set of 2 wires - one black wire and one red wire.  Black wire commonly represents ground, but both are interchangeable.

    The female .187" to male .110" conversion wire is a simple solution that allows you to attach a joystick or pushbutton with a larger .187" (4.8mm) terminal microswitch to a smaller .110" (2.8mm) connector. 

    One for Signal, One for Ground

    The conversion wire is sold in a set of two wires - red representing signal, and black referring to ground.  You can interchange them with no issues.  With 1 inch of wire between two isolated male and female quick-connect terminals, the conversion wire offers some flexibility for installations in tighter spaces.

    By Request

    Over the years, FA has received a number of questions from players that enjoyed the feeling of old-school American arcade joysticks and pushbuttons, but within custom or commercial FightSticks.  Released in 2016, we hope this might provide some opportunity to those who were looking for a means to install such parts in more modern joysticks, pending the button can fit in the FightStick in question.

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    1. Great for Sanwa OBS-24B

      I needed these to connect six Sanwa OBS-24B buttons to a Zero Delay encoder and these are awesome for that. The buttons in question are awesome clicky buttons but they have .187 contacts and these Conversion Wires sold by Focus Attack make it very easy to use buttons with .187 connections. on Jun 8th 2022

    2. The missing link between the brook UFB and my happ inputs

      so for my use case i wound up having to purchase a large bulk of these. I was in the process of rebuilding a personal arcade stick and i prefer the american style of build, was in the process of replacing the limited xarcade board i had in my build with the brook UFB with a prefab wire harness, which is where i encountered my problem: the harness is set up for .110 connectors, but the american style switches i want to use are .187. i was very happy to come across these "crossover" cables for use in my build. so this has all been background, what about the cables themselves?

      build quality is top notch, the quick connect covers are solid and save wear on my hands plugging everything in, the connections on these are tight, but not unreasonable, and it adds just enough additional cable that its handy where you need it but not obstructive where you dont. these babies are a no brainer if you wanna use .187/american style switches on .110/japanese style boards!
      on May 30th 2022

    3. High Quality Wires

      Picked these up to test out Suzo Happ buttons with one of my stock fight sticks. Nicely assembled and high quality. Does the job. Cheap and ideal to keep a few on hand for tinkering around with different stick and button setups. on Aug 2nd 2019


      Bought these to upgrade my mayflash to Industrias cause Sanwas are way to sensitive to rest my fat stubby hands on. I could have recrimmped and soldered on .187 connectors but at this price spending the $8 to do all the buttons was WELL worth it! on Jul 27th 2018

    5. Very Convenient

      These wires are a great way to add American style buttons to Japanese fightsticks and arcade cabinets without having to do any extensive wire work. If you have a Madcatz TE, Hori RAP, or any Japanese fightstick and want to have American buttons, save yourself the trouble and get these. on Jun 6th 2016

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