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Female .250" to Male 187" Conversion Wire (set of 2)

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    Note: Sold in a set of 2 wires - one black wire and one red wire.  Black wire commonly represents ground, but both are interchangeable.

    The female 250" to male 187" conversion wire is a simple solution that allows you to attach a joystick or pushbutton with a larger .250" (6.35mm) terminal microswitch to a smaller .187" (4.8mm) connector. 

    One for Signal, One for Ground

    The conversion wire is sold in a set of two wires - red representing signal, and black referring to ground.  You can interchange them with no issues.  With 1 inch of wire between two isolated male and female quick-connect terminals, the conversion wire offers some flexibility for installations in tighter spaces.

    By Request

    Over the years, FA has received a number of questions from players that enjoyed the feeling of old-school American arcade joysticks and pushbuttons, but within custom or commercial FightSticks.  Released in 2016, we hope this might provide some opportunity to those who were looking for a means to install such parts in more modern joysticks, pending the button can fit in the FightStick in question.

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    1. These wires are a blessing from the FA GODS!

      Just as described in the "By Request" section, these wires provide those who crave the american style, happ-ish/IL buttons in modern sticks the ability to throw them in without the hassle of soldering - so long as your stick is roomy enough (so far, I have 2 Razer Panthera's with IL buttons).

      Easy as hell to install, and so worth it if you grew up in American arcades, and miss that old feel. No disrespect to the sanwa fam and other jap parts (which are great), but I prefer american. These wires are what I've been dreaming about for a while now. So far, the only stick I know of that is Happ/IL friendly is the Razer Panthera. Anything like a Madcatz TE requires case modding (pain in the ass).
      on Feb 8th 2019

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