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JLF-ALU Series Shaft/Dustwasher Set: Silver

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    Seimitsu LS-32, Phreakmods JLF Link Not Compatible

    The Seimitsu LS 32 01 Joystick or Crown series joystick is not compatible because of the larger shaft diameter.  Phreakmods Link JLF series quick release shafts are also not compatible due the larger diameter.  If you desire a dustwasher for these models, you can order a custom blank or etch and cut dustwasher

    The KDiT JLF-ALU Series shaft and dustwasher set is modeled after the Sanwa JLF-CD Shaft & Dustwasher Set. It is a perfect compliment to the new ALU Series Aluminum Battop, or similar colors in our line of 35mm balltops.  The set is available in 10 vibrant colors, each with a shiny anodized finish that is sure to impress style-savvy joystick fans, or look great as part of an arcade cabinet setup.

    What is included, joystick compatibility

    As a set, you will receive an aluminum shaft, aluminum washer, and black plastic supporting dustwasher.  Please see photos for details.

    The shaft and dustwasher set is compatible with Sanwa JLF series joysticks that accept a LB-35 balltop. Matches ALU Series Aluminum Battop

    Every color of the JLF-ALU Shaft and Dustwasher set has the equivalent color of our KDiT ALU series Aluminum Battops. You can mix and match colors between both products.

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    1. Surprisingly nice!

      I used this Dustwasher Set on my mod on a Nacon Daija combined with a pretty colorful and kitschy Anime artwork. I wasn't sure how it would fit that look, but it looks absolutely gorgeous with a golden Balltop. It's a nice matte color and it really feels top-quality. on Dec 14th 2021

    2. Add a nice little bling to spice up your JLF or Hayabusa levers!

      I just finished a project stick that was started several years back and put on the backburner! (I've got a few of those I want to finished BEFORE the end of the year. I have to repair two joysticks still and there's a fourth that needs the Retrobrite treatment for some yellowed plastic, too.) This nice little shaft replacement was done to a Hori Hayabusa installed in a retro stick mod (Dreamcast Agetec; I can confirm that the Hayabusa fits into the case NICELY with a only a mild "left corner trimmed off" mod to fit.)
      With the right colors, an alternate shaft color is a nice thing. Considering the theme of the joystick I did the shaft replacement on, it fits the "Action Ace" well!
      This only a bit more expensive than a plastic shaft replacement (I modded 3 transparent JLF shaft to fit 3 LS-32's I own) and more durable than either the original Hayabusa/JLF plastic shaft covers.
      Heck, I consider shaft cover protection a higher priority than getting balltop or battop replacement handle and aluminum is fairly durable and won't rust like steel can.
      Silver is definitely a nice choice that will fit within just about joystick base theme with about any balltop color, too.
      Having more metal on the joystick is different but it doesn't change the way the stick handles really and I like the look with my current balltop handle.
      Now, if only Focus Attack sold some 38mm balltop handles!
      on Dec 25th 2019

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