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JLF E-Clip

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    The e-clip attaches to the bottom of your Sanwa JLF series joystick shaft to keep the actuator and spring in place.  Players often lose this tiny component and need to replace the original.

    Installation tip

    The e-clip is made to hold various components in place, so installing it is a bit tricky.  First, hold down the spring and actuator with your thumbnail.  Second, begin to wedge the e-clip into the JLF shaft groove, located just above the actuator.  With a needle-nose plier, attempt to grasp the rounded edge of the e-clip, and then JLF shaft, then squeeze together.  The e-clip will secure with a snap.

    This will be very difficult to do at first, because the eclip must tightly wrap around the shaft groove diameter; you may find that the e-clip will swivel around the groove.

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    1. Grab some extras

      It's a clip. It works as advertised. Great for when yours decides to fling itself across the room never to be found again. Or hide from you inside the case next to a magnet. on Oct 21st 2021

    2. easy 45 cent insurance

      if you ever change your spring in your stick I suggest having one of these as backup as 45 cents tacked on to an order is much better then waiting on shipping after the fact when it goes flying. I have an extra one in my kit just in case that happens one day on Apr 23rd 2019

    3. Small things are important

      The smallest, yet one of the most important things in your stick, since it is holding everything together. It is easy to lose one, when you`re modding the stick, so having them in stock is always a good idea, especially for this reasonable price. on Sep 18th 2018

    4. E clip

      You never know how much you need one untill you need one great to have in the kit for back-up on Oct 28th 2017

    5. Great Price and Shipping

      When you do something boneheaded and lose the one and only e-clip you have, being able to reorder them at this low price with low shipping makes this site a great place to buy them from. on Aug 2nd 2016

    6. more crucial then you think

      i lost a few of these doing simple swaps on my sticks. either you're lucky, and find where the e-clip landed(outside the stick), or you're willing to take your stick apart to find where the e-clip landed. it is definitely worth the cost to buy a few extra e-clips if you own and/or mod multiple sticks. otherwise, it's good to have one extra in case the worst happens. on Jun 28th 2016

    7. You can never have too many!

      So the JLF E-Clip is one of those things that you never realize how important it is until you lose one. While being such a simple item it is the literal linchpin that keeps your stick working right. I seriously recommend that you have more than a few on hand at all times. You never know if when you're installing "The Link" or putting on a new higher tension spring or what have you will wind up having you lose your old E-Clip, and then you're stuck. Buy these, buy a lot of them. on Mar 21st 2016

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