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Jonyfraze 4TW Free Original Artwork Pack: Retro Funk

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    Purchasing this item does not provide you with a free printing service from  You can submit this artwork for printing here

    Jonyfraze's 4TW features a unique shape inspired from the previous generation Espada, while allowing more space for your hands and a larger canvas for custom art.

    Proud owners of the 4TW Fightstick that would like to decorate with the original brand artwork superbly illustrated Jonyfraze and Armada Graphics, can download the Photoshop files for top panel, bottom panel and sides. 

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    • The BEST, new acrylic arcade stick case! Fresh "4TW" Ghostbusters fightstick build
      Veteran stick-maker, Jony Fraze, is starting off 2023 with a b...

    The BEST, new acrylic arcade stick case! Fresh "4TW" Ghostbusters fightstick build

    Veteran stick-maker, Jony Fraze, is starting off 2023 with a bang with his newest fightstick enclosure. He has built off his past BnB and Espada successes to bring us his new acrylic case: the 4tW. For the Dub! Check out this vid to see how fast this thing comes together! My twitter: @AFightstick Jony Fraze's twitter: @jonyfraze Want to buy a 4tW case? Want to commission some graphic design services from Jony? Here's the written tutorial in case you need it: • Ultra Durable ¼” (6.35mm) thick Matte Black Cast Acrylic Case • ⅛” (3mm) Matte Black Acrylic or Optional ⅛” (3mm) Clear Acrylic Artwork Covers • Black 0.16” (4mm) EVA Foam Bottom Cushions • Included all assembly and mounting hardware *All Acrylic Parts are covered with a protective paper backing. Dimensions: • 16.25” x 8.75” x 2.25” (412.75mm x 222.25mm x 57.15mm) • 0.16” (4mm) EVA Foam used for bottom cushion. • Appox. 6.5lbs (3kg) Fully Assembled Parts Compatibility: • Accepts 24mm & 30mm Snap-in & Screw-in Buttons (Side panels require six 24mm Buttons) • Accepts 24mm Neutrik USB A to B port • Accepts Japanese levers with flat mounting plates, and Korean Levers with Short Collars. • Includes mounting holes for Brook and similar spec PCBs. 0:00 Unboxing the 4tW! For the Dub! 0:18 Ghostbusters theme 0:28 Jony can do your artwork! 0:56 4tW case specs 1:09 Part picks for this Ghostbuster build 1:41 Assembling the 4tW 3:57 Wiring the 4tW 4:28 Joystick finishing touches 4:37 Lap foam for comfy comfort 4:55 Button this up and wipe it down 5:02 Glorious Ghostbuster glamor 5:19 test it out 5:33 Best elements of the Espada and BnB - Best new acrylic case! 5:42 Order now! 5:49 PS5 testing 5:56 Outro and bonus sound effects Subscribe:
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