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KINU Silky Touch Rubber Coated Balltop - Dark Hai

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    "Kinu" in Japanese means "silk" - an appropriate name for this KDiT's latest offering given it novel appearance.  However, it's the feel that is most enticing.

    A Lovely Matte Color. Silky Smooth to Touch. Extra Grip

    As a 35mm balltop with a M6 threading, the Kinu is compatible with most Sanwa and Seimitsu joystick shafts, along with Hori Hayabusa and DX flavors of Crown/Samducksa. A soft, grippy resin gives the feeling of rubber, without the concerns of allergic reactions caused by latex or natural rubber. The matte coating helps to diffuse light evenly across its surface, and contributes to its tactile appeal.

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    1. Its OK

      Not sure how its somehow more slippery than a plastic balltop. It's got that powdery feeling like when you put your hand in a rubber glove. I will give it a week or so but I'll probably switch back to the standard balltop. At least those are grippy when my hands aren't too dry. This one is just slippery all the time.

      Could use a real textured balltop with an actually textured surface or at least a material that feels like your thumb can stay on it.
      on Jan 12th 2023

    2. Worth the money!

      I'm not going to lie. This ball top is pretty good if you find your fingers slipping off of the normal ball top. This is what you need.. when I installed it and played a few games of Melty Blood I instantly felt a difference in my movement. I only wish it had a little more grip to it .. but all in all it's a good buy.. on Aug 1st 2022


      With regular balltop they tend to slip in your hand quite often after a long session or someone with sweaty hands but with Kinu Balltop, The GRIP is always there, its quite hard to explain of the feel but believe me it grips yet very smooth (texture) . Definitely a good simple upgrade! I highly recommend trying this thing! 10/10 would buy again! on Apr 17th 2021

    4. Nice

      Where and why did it take so long for this to come out. Best Balltop ever, nuff said. on Oct 8th 2020

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