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KINU Silky Touch Rubber Coated Balltop - Red

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    "Kinu" in Japanese means "silk" - an appropriate name for this KDiT's latest offering given it novel appearance.  However, it's the feel that is most enticing.

    A Lovely Matte Color. Silky Smooth to Touch. Extra Grip

    As a 35mm balltop with a M6 threading, the Kinu is compatible with most Sanwa and Seimitsu joystick shafts, along with Hori Hayabusa and DX flavors of Crown/Samducksa. A soft, grippy resin gives the feeling of rubber, without the concerns of allergic reactions caused by latex or natural rubber. The matte coating helps to diffuse light evenly across its surface, and contributes to its tactile appeal.

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    1. The sanwa shaft cover keeps spinning with this ball on.

      Love the color and feel, but the ball won't tighten enough on the shaft cover. It just keeps spinning during gameplay, which is really annoying. You put the stock sandals ball back on and it doesn't do it. It needs a rubber bushing or something, so it can tighten down more on the cover. on Aug 5th 2023

    2. Glad to see this product back in stock!

      For many months, we couldn't get these balltop handles domestically.
      I was so glad to see them return and got the red handle I wanted the last time Focus Attack had them in stock.
      Word to those thinking of getting this balltop handle --
      like all these handles, it seems to have better grip and feels more comfortable than the plain solid plastic handles we've all played with.
      The rubber on this handle is also REDDER than the picture for the product shows. It's a deeper red, not so orange-red or vermillion like the picture shows. It's closer to a Sanwa red for those of you on the fence about the color.
      I installed my red Kinu handle on top of a Hayabusa lever installed in an Agetec base. I like it better than the previous 2 handles that were on that base.
      Oddly enough, my other Kinu handle (the yellow version) is also in an Agetec base. That one rests on top of an LS-32-01 (pre-2017, Matsushita switches) lever.
      on Oct 29th 2021

    3. Try em

      It has to be cleaned often because it likes to grab oil from the skin but it's adds a great feel. on Sep 27th 2020

    4. Feels great!

      I try lots of different balltops. My palms get slightly sweaty when playing so slippage happens when I use standard plastic or smooth surface tops. Absolutely not a problem with this rubber coated top. Feels excellent and nice price. Wish these existed sooner! on Sep 2nd 2020

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