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KOWAL LS-32 Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Guide

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    While octagonal gate options exist for the popular Seimitsu LS-32-01 Joystick or Seimitsu LS-38-01 High Tension Spring PCB Joystick, such as the Triple Gate restrictor, that requires both the round main guide and add-on to work. This is not always ideal.  Kowal, well known for the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, Flat Plate Converter and Japan S Plate Converter, now gives LS-32 Octopus, an easy and cost-effective  drop-in replacement for the existing square main guide.



    Inspired by the Seimitsu LS 56 Octagonal Restrictor Plate,  the KOWAL LS-32 Octopus factors the both the rotation and diagonal range that is lost in the Sanwa GTY's Octagonal gate.  This standard creates two contact points on each corner of the gate, creating a small gap between actuator and the gate.  The actuator never fully rests on the corner of the GTY.  The Octopus is instead designed to have a large, single contact point on the rouneded corner - the actuator rests directly in this corner.  Not only does this design provide you with a smoother rotation when performing circluar motions, but also provides a greater diagonal range.


    The KOWAL LS-32 Octopus represents the growing family of performance solutions under the FA Plexworks banner - items designed in-house using our laser etching and cutting machine.  This affords a unique degree of cost control and personalization.  Each unit is etched and cut on 3 mm thick quality acrylic to Kowal's specifications.

    Discount When Bundled with the Seimitsu LS-32 or LS-38

    Now, when you purchase the Seimitsu LS-32-01 Joystick or various flavors of Seimitsu LS-38-01 High Tension Spring PCB Joystick, you can bundle the KOWAL Octopus Resrictor Guide and save 50 cents!


    Kowal is the name of a well-respected member on forums and elsewhere in the arcade community.  He has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of many control devices.  With his permission, we introduce the KOWAL™ brand of performance solutions that highlight accuracy and compatibility above all else. 


     Installing the LS-32 Octopus onto the joystick is pretty straightforward:

    1. First, detach the dark blue subguide by removing the short screws that attach it to the joystick.
    2. Next detach the light blue main guide in the same manner as the subguide - by removing the longer screws.  Remember the orientation of the guides, as you will reattach the subguide later.
    3. Now, attach the KOWAL LS-32 restrictor guide to the joystick.  The logo should be at bottom and read correctly when facing you.  Replace with the short screws at top and bottom of the guide.  Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, or the LS-32 Octopus could crack.
    4. Finally, attach the dark blue subguide, then screw with the longer screws at left and right of the guide.  These will also screw into the LS-32 Octopus.  The results should look like the photo below:
    LS-32 Octopus install
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    1. Awesome upgrade

      I can say for sure this was a great upgrade from the stock square gate that came with the ls-32 for sure. Having those 8 directional notches to feel exactly where your at and what input you're sitting it at any given time especially for playing games like sf6 is outstanding and I main Zangief so hitting full circle commands is a breeze with this whereas if I rolled off the bank on the square gate, it would mess up my input and get me punished. Worth it 100% on Jul 15th 2023

    2. Cheap, Easy installation, with some issues.

      Super simple installation. The gate feels nice, the rounded corners don't change much. It's just like a Sanwa octo-gate; does the job. Thickness is 3mm or 1/8".

      Both units I got have some ugly peeling and scratches on the surface of the acrylic. The typeface on also doesn't match photos. Not a deal breaker, though.
      However due to the material sharpness, regular use will actually cut up the actuator. I don't see this affecting functionality over time and it could probably be fixed with some light sanding. Also, there is quite a bit of throw after the actuation point due to the gate diameter.

      This item isn't for me, but for the price it's a decent readily available octo-gate for the LS-32.
      on May 15th 2022


      I have been using these octagonal gates for over a year now and would never go back. After a recent re-lube and inspection there was zero wear on the actuators as others mentioned (use your lube kids). These octagonal gates are perfectly sized to properly engage the micro-switch at the perfect point of your throw. Highly recommend! on Dec 29th 2018

    4. the gate is too wide for the ls-32

      the click happens WAY before the gate is hit. on Oct 31st 2018

    5. Very nice! But...

      When I opened my fightstick, I noticed a pile of dust like shavings that had collected on the bottom. Most likely caused from the friction when riding the gates. It's kind of an annoyance to have to clean and wipe it up every now and than. But the feel of this gate is really good, somewhere in between a circle and octoganal gate. Would recomend this product, just wished they had made it in another material. It's cheap anyways, so try it out if your curious about how it plays.. Best Gate in my opinion. on Oct 11th 2017

    6. Damages the actuator.

      The acrylic used to make these is a harder material than the actuator. That, combined with the sharp edges of the gate, cuts into the actuator after just a few uses. You will want to file the edges before using it. I use a Dremel with a little grinding bit. on Sep 17th 2017

    7. An essential component for your LS-32

      This restrictor gate is amazing, to say the least. Makes the Seimitsu stick move so much smoother. Hadokens, Shoryukens, and Tatsumakis have never come out easier. Not only that, but it makes shoot em ups much better in regards to control. At around $2, it's an absolute steal. on Aug 22nd 2017

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