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KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Plate (2016 Model)

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    PLEASE NOTE: The KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus is not compatible with the Hayabusa Silent Optical  joystick, as it is constructed differently.  The KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus is not designed for the Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS, Crown, Suzo Happ, IL, or other joystick - it is designed specifically for the original Hori Hayabusa joystick.

    At the moment, Hori - manufacturers of the popular Hori Hayabusa Joystick - have not indicated plans to offer an octagonal restrictor plate.  Kowal, well known for the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, Flat Plate Converter and Japan S Plate Converter, took the challenge to design an integrated solution that could be manufactured and installed easily, called the "Hayabusa Octopus".

    As KOWAL First Envisioned

    In late 2015, an acrylic version of the Hayabusa Octopus was released to the public.  These gates were designed in-house as part of our FA Plexworks initiative, and served as a global test for durability and appeal.  After over 2000pcs sold, high praise, and useful feedback given to Kowal's unique hybrid octagonal and circular design, we were confident to move forward with a mold, designed exactly as Kowal originally wanted it.

    New Features, Same Economical Price

    • The new KOWAL Octopus is made of a durable nylon plastic.  It is molded into an attractive shape that greatly compliments the Hayabusa's construction.
    • Octopus' internal gate is several millimeters deeper than the acrylic model.  Most importantly, it is beveled inward to best accomodate the tilt of your joystick shaft.  For those to like to ride the gate hard, this approach greatly reduces wear and tear of the actuator over the previous model.
    • The underside of the gate is recessed around the center.  This was designed specifically to fit the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, which is also compatible with the Hayabusa.

    Even as improvements exist over the original model, the price hasn't changed.  You can still purchase the Kowal Octopus under three dollars.

    Smooth Around the Corners

    Inspired by the Seimitsu LS 56 Octagonal Restrictor Plate,  the KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus factors both rotation and diagonal range that is lost in the Sanwa GTY's Octagonal gate.  This standard creates two contact points on each corner of the gate, creating a small gap between actuator and the gate.  The actuator never fully rests on the corner of the GTY.  The Octopus is instead designed to have a large, single contact point on the rounded corner - the actuator rests directly in this corner.  Not only does this design provide you with a smoother rotation when performing circluar motions, but also provides a greater diagonal range.

    Add KOWAL 1mm Oversize Actuator for Shorter Throw

    One of the benefits of the Hori Hayabusa joystick lever is its ability to accept mods normally compatible with Sanwa JLF.  Many have installed the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick to their stock Hayabusa gate, though rounding on the wide edge of the actuator is required to use properly with that gate.

    With the 1mm oversize actuator and Octopus installed together, you can actually retain the diagonal and rotational benefits of the Octopus while shortening your throw, and without needing to round the actuator's edge. 

    KOWAL Origins

    Kowal is the name of a well-respected member on forums and elsewhere in the arcade community.  He has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of many control devices.  With his permission, we introduce the KOWAL™ brand of performance solutions that highlight accuracy and compatibility above all else. 


    Installing the KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus is fairly straightforward:

    1. First, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws that attach the existing Hori Hayabusa to the joystick body.  Remove the screws and put them aside.
    2. Next, remove the original Hayabusa square restrictor plate.
    3. Now, install the KOWAL Octopus plate onto the Hayabusa joystick body, lining up the screw and rounded rectangle holes with the joystick body.  This photo depicting a transparent version of the earlier gate provides a good example of the correct install:

    4. Finally, replace the four screws that you originally removed from the Hayabusa. The plastic columns will additionally keep the plate from moving.
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    1. Great value for the cost

      I was really happy with how drop-in the gate was after removing the cover on my hori rap it toke 5min to install and while playing the difference was very noticeable in feeling the response, specifically 1/4 circles and dragon punch I was able to feel the movement the while way. As a beginner to fighting games this helped me a lot on Mar 3rd 2024

    2. Soft Gate That Can work for FS Mini

      When non-licensed PCBs got locked out of PS5, I had to choose between upgrading my homebrew sticks or buying licensed PS4 sticks. I opted to compromise by spending on cheap Hori Fighting Stick Minis. You definitely get what you pay for, but the only real down side to the Hori Mini, to me, is their square gates.

      Enter the Kowal Octopus. This is the only octagonal gate that can be swapped with minimal tinkering to the Mini. And those sticks are so cheap you would not want to put more than a few dollars and minutes of your time into modding them. So, the Kowal Octopus is ideal at its price and ease of installation.

      If you use it for the Mini like me, you do need to drill out the impressions for wider screw placement, but that's it for alterations.

      As a gate, I like harder corners, myself. But this is a great gate for someone looking for a midway point between an octagonal and circular gate.

      Thanks to FA and the FGC for helping me find a solution to my very specific problem with the Hori Mini!
      on Aug 15th 2023

    3. Different from standard octa gates, but still good.

      While the smoother corners featured in the kowal restrictor plate are advertised as a good thing, it really depends on what you’re looking for. It’s already harder to lock the lever into a specific direction on, say, a sanwa octagonal gate, however it’s smoother for 360, semi circle, and quarter circle inputs. I’d still recommend this to anyone who’s used to other octagonal gates over square ones l, it’ll just take a while to get used to on Aug 8th 2022

    4. Hayabusa Octogonal Plate

      First one I received had a factory defect, FocusAttack replied same day and sent me another one. Excellent customer service! Going from a square to an Octogonal Plate takes a bit to get used to but not bad. Not sure which one I prefer. Excellent quality and a great mod for the Hori Hayabusa. on Apr 25th 2022

    5. Feels amazing

      I’ve always preferred octagonal to square gates, and this gate feels amazing. The rounded octagon provides the benefits of octagonal gates, while providing some of the flexibility and smoothness of a circle gate on Jan 1st 2022

    6. Feels great!

      Some people consider it training wheels for joysticks, but I just personally like the feel of an octagonal gate better. I got a new hori stick after owning one for years with this mod installed in it. I tried the original square gate on the new stick and felt like I was better at it than when I first got my original hori stick. Regardless of that, I still prefer being able to feel all the directions. This is perfect! on Sep 8th 2021

    7. Great add on to my hori kai stick.

      Well..Great place to buy stuff on I like some stuff they sell. Maybe buy something eventually. on Aug 7th 2021

    8. Kowal For The Win- Hayabusa Octogate

      This is my first time trying out the Kowal Octogate plate for my old RAP4 that i've been modding since march I tried a octogate from another arcade part site which is still good but it felt like the Sanwa octogate which has sharp sides but for the games that I play I needed something with a more curved sides which almost feels like a rounded gate but it feels like it's for the Hayabusa stick on the RAP4 and along with the 2lb Spring and the 1mm Kowal oversize actuator it makes my stick really feel like my own stick. Defiantly would recommend this but if you are looking for this to make you a better player in fighting games... just keep using practice/training mode people. on Jun 23rd 2021

    9. Much better, for me!!!

      I have become accustomed to octagonal gates so when I switched the square gate on my hori stick to this one it just felt a whole lot better. It’s real easy to install. I haven't tried circular gates but for me octagonal is the way to go, for now! on Jan 20th 2021

    10. Great

      Good quality, fits perfect on my stick. Nice buy. on Dec 5th 2020

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    Hori Rap4 Kai FightStick Mod time! Sanwa buttons & Kowal Octopus gate.

    Time to mod my second fight stick. Please excuse the shitty audio at times.
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