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Madcatz TE/S USB Compartment/Door Replacement (N-30 Style)

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    Those owning the original MadCatz Tournament Edition Fightstick have fond memories of this iconic controller - with exception to the cable door.  Known for its weak plastic nubs used to hold the door in place, the TE's door would soon meet its fate in the trash bin, and many would simply fare without cable management.  Buttercade - with integral assistance from Wei Louie - breathes new life into the aging TE with this unique 3D printed door and USB compartment replacement.

    Expansion Ports

    Buttercade's TE door replacement not only substitutes the MadCatz TE door, but adds buttons and a Neutrik-style port. With the additional buttons, you could utilize functions present in modern control PCBs and consoles such as PS4 touch button.  On this model, you receive spaces for three 30mm pushbuttons and one Neutrik port, perfect for installation of a Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B USB Feed-Through


    The Buttercade TE USB Compartment/Door Replacement was tested and confirmed compatible with the following models:

    Madcatz TE Round 1 MadCatz TE Round 2 MadCatz TES Chun-Li MadCatz TE.S (Xbox 360) MadCatz TE.S+ MadCatz Soul Calibur V (SOUL Edition Madcatz TES
    Madcatz TE Round 1 MadCatz TE Round 2 MadCatz TES Chun-Li MadCatz TE.S (XB360) MadCatz TE.S+ (PS4) MadCatz SCV (SOUL Edition) Madcatz TES Version 1


    Please Note: Installation requires a complete teardown of the MadCatz TE.  You will also no longer access the original control panel PCB often located at top left. This project is mainly for those looking to overhaul their aging TE with a new control PCB that makes use of a Neutrik port. It is recommended that you purchase a replacement plexi and custom artwork and choose "No" next to option "Cut Contol Panel?". There might be variations to removing the USB cable space in models such as the TES Shadaloo version for PS4, and you should be able to keep the CP functions of the Shadaloo model intact.

    Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 1 Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 2
    We want to have a bare shell to install the replacement door. We start with the TE top panel, removing six hex screws using a 3mm Long Arm Hex Key for MadCatz Tournament Edition Joystick. The goal here is to begin removing elements from the panel such as buttons and joystick lever (remove balltop first).  With the screws unfastened, you can access these items, and the wiring connected to them.  Remove the two screws that attach the plastic control panel to the frame.  You may have to deal with a hard, red adhesive goo on each of the TE's inner screws, a method used to restrict tampering. A mini flat-head screwdriver to chip away at the goo, or brute force with a Phillips head screwsdriver is effective at working through most of the goo.  
    Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 3 Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 4
    Underneath the plastic control panel is a PCB board with JST connectors, once again held in by adhesive.  You can pull these connectors out with effort.  You will not use any of this wiring after installing the TE door, as the control panel will not reside on the board.   We now move to the bottom of the TE to access the underside of the plastic frame. It is there that screws to the USB cable compartment reside.  Remove the six screws around the bottom metal panel, including one hidden by a warranty seal.  You do not need to remove the rubber feet by unscrewing; those do not affect your ability to dislodge the bottom panel.
    Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 5 Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 8
    With the bottom metal panel undone, you will remove eleven (11) screws to separate the bottom plastic frame from the top. Again, you can chip away at the red goo to access the screws, or brute force the Phillips head screw in and start turning.  With some effort, the screw will start to rotate despite the adhesive. With the screws removed, you can now remove the top and bottom plastic frames apart. Next, you will disconnect any remaining wires from the main board, or unscrew the boards entirely.  Again, the TE door replacement serves as a pushbutton and neutrik expansion, allowing you to utilize a modern PCB such as Brook Universal Fighting Board.  You will not need the wiring currently installed into the TE. 
    Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 9 Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 11
    We finally reach the USB cable compartment.  Unscrew the two screws holding it to the bottom plastic frame to dislodge it. The USB cable can be cut with a pair of sharp scissors. Since you are going to use a control PCB with a pair of new USB AB cables and a Neutrik passthrough, you will no longer need it.
    Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 13 Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 14
    We are left with the bare bottom plastic frame, which housed the original TE door.   We can now finally install the Buttercade TE/S USB Compartment/Door Replacement.  Use the tabs on each side and bottom of the door to slide down between the plastic housing. The door should lay relatively flat against the housing.
    Buttercade TE Door Replacement Install - Step 15
    With the Buttercade TE door installed.  You can begin rebuilding the TE back together, reversing most of the steps after your desired replacement PCB and wiring is in place, the Neutrik passthrough is attached, and additional 24mm buttons are connected. Congratulations!

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