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PB.JAMMA Project Adapter Board

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    Notice Regarding Wiring and Installation

    It is recommended that you do not attempt to pre-tin your wiring before install.  Instead, install wire and solder into the hole.  You can also use headers that you solder into the through-holes. 22-20ga wire is advised.

    The Project Board for JAMMA (PB.JAMMA) is an easy to use adapter board for a variety of JAMMA projects.

    Uses include wiring an adapter for use non-JAMMA game boards in JAMMA-spec cabinets, or attach console controllers for a unique arcade experience.


    • JAMMA-spec fingerboard length for 56 pin card edge connectors of all depths.
    • Through-holes for each pin with easy-to-read labeling
    • Separate Power, video and audio headers for wiring harness adaptation.
    • CPS1 kick harness through-holes
    • 2 x 20 pin through-holes, used for connecting multi-console PCBs, or wiring controls.  2x20 pin is commonly used in aftermarket control PCBs designed for the fighting game community. The header pin spacing for 2 x 20 pin headers, CPS1, RGB, audio, and 12v/5v areas on the PB JAMMA board is 2.50mm, designed for JST NH connectors to fit.  The pitch of the 20 pin connectors are 2.54mm​.
    • Home/Guide through-holes for modern console usage (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4)
    • Solder pads that allow for mapping of 4P and Select/Back buttons to be mapped to pins 25/c (1P button 4/2p Button 4) and 15/R (Test/Service) respectively. 
    • Four mounting holes (one per corner)

    Note: through holes for appropriate header install are provided.  Headers are not included.
    Much thanks for Lemony Vengeance new-window-icon.png for the product suggestion. 

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    1. Great for PadHacks and More

      I'm using this for a 2 player XBOX 360 pad hack to hook up to my Blast City. There's a lot of great aspects to the design, but I wish the edges were beveled on the JAMMA connector.

      That's really my only complaint.
      on Sep 26th 2020

    2. Fantastic for Console to JAMMA Adapters

      Used this to create an Xbox 360 to JAMMA adapter, very well designed piece of kit!

      Contrary to what the other reviewer wrote, you can certainly route power through this. I power an Ultracade UVC with mine. However, I could see it being nice having a version setup for soldering a molex power connector into place and better support for thicker gauge wires on the power/video sections.
      on Jan 12th 2019

    3. Holes are too small

      I wanted a JAMMA fingerboard with through holes for a more robust wire connection and that's what this board provides. For my project I just needed to hook up the video wires so I tinned some wire and then discovered that the holes were so small that I couldn't get the 20ga stranded wire into the holes. So I cut off the tinned section of wire and tried again with an un-tinned section and found that it was possible but difficult to do well. I finally gave up on the 20ga wire and switched to un-tinned 22ga wire and that worked well.

      This seems like a nice board but my harnesses are all 20ga wire except for power (which is 18ga) and that's just not going to work with this fingerboard. For this 1 project which only used video, this board worked fine with the 22ga wire but I can't really use it for anything else which uses power.

      on Aug 21st 2018

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