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Phreakmods Link Lanyard with Stub Attachment

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    The Link Lanyard allows you to easily store and access Phreakmods popular Link Quick Release JLF Shaft or Link Quick Release Seimitsu LS-32 Shaft by wearing it around your neck.

    Those familiar with Phreakmods' popular Link Quick release shaft hail its utility - allowing joysticks to better fit into smaller compartments or messenger bags simply by removing the top portion of the shaft.  The Link Lanyard adds to the already incredible convenience - no more searching your bag for the balltop shaft. All that's needed is a quick pull from the lanyard in the same manner already performed on the joystick base.

    Discount when Bundled with the JLF or LS-32 Link.

    Phreakmods Logo T-Shirt

    The Link Lanyard is compatible with both JLF and LS-32 versions of the Phreakmods Link.  You can now bundle the lanyard to save $1.00 off retail.  Visit the Link Quick Release JLF Shaft

    Represent in Style

    Available for a limited time and quantity, get the Phreakmods Green Logo T-Shirt in sizes Small, Large or XL.  Complement the Link Lanyard and support the designer that brought the JLF and LS-32 Link to the fighting game community!


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    1. Quick & easy install

      I decided to give this a try and i am happy with the results. It makes switching ball tops super easy and also comes in handy when i'm fitting everything in a messenger bag without having to worry about messing up the joystick. I plan to buy more and install in all my fightsticks. on May 23rd 2019

    2. Great

      If you don't want your loose shaft roaming around in your bag or rattling around in a box while you're on the go then this is a must, the stub is also on a keying loop so you can attach it to anything else if a lanyard isn't your style on Mar 16th 2018

    3. perfect for people who tend to lose things

      If you're going to buy a Link Quick Release JLF Shaft, you're going to need somewhere to put the dust washer. The lanyard with its stub attachment is perfect for that. No more having to worry about losing your dust washer, just keep it with the rest of the stick on the lanyard. on Jul 22nd 2017

    4. A place to store your stick when not attached

      Some sticks do not have storage compartments for spare Balltops/Battops attached by Phreakmods' The Link. For those that do have storage compartments, the unattached stick can be loose in the space rolling around and potentially damaging components. The Lanyard + Stub here gives you a place to store the detached stick. Attach to your keys, or wear around your neck so that you can make sure you don't lose track of that un-linked Link. on Apr 21st 2016

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