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Sanwa JLF-CD Clear Shaft & Matching Dustwasher Set


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    Sanwa's translucent JLF Shaft and matching dustwasher set joins their OBSC series of clear and transparent colored joystick accessories.  The joystick shaft fits the Sanwa JLF series joystick, and exactly matches the color of the corresponding OBSC button or balltop. Now available is a larger matching color dustwasher to complement the translucent shaft, giving your JLF joystick a true overalll translucency.  You also get a single black dustwasher.  The solid black dustwasher is usually placed under the arcade cabinet control panel to further reduce dust .

    Shaft is not compatible with extended or shortened shafts.  Shaft will not fit The Link Quick Release JLF Shaft, but dustwasher is compatible.
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    1. Surprisingly frosted, noisy on Phreakmods Link

      The washer is definitely translucent, although the entire surface except for the edges is more of a frosted plastic than truly "clear". I'm a bit disappointed; I might have to try the Focus Attack clear washer instead. Also, both washers fit the Link no problem, but the Link presses up against them when you tilt the stick all the way. This makes normal use of the stick rather loud, and I suspect it'll create more scratches on the plexiglass than normal. I suspect I'll have better luck if I file out the inside a little bit, although I haven't gotten around to it yet. on Feb 25th 2020

    2. A nice alternative to the standard LS-32 black shaft cover and workable mod project for pre-2017 LS-32 levers

      Okay, like I indicated in my heading, I DO mod JLF shaft covers to fit my retrofitted LS-32's.
      EVERY LS-32 I've ever owned has a JLF shaft/washer retrofit to protect the lever handle.
      You just don't want to leave the shaft unprotected from grime, sweat and potential corrosion.
      And I think a shaft-covered joystick looks better, too.
      I did these mods 5-6 years BEFORE Seimitsu FINALLY revised LS-32's with the black shaft color. Too bad they didn't produce a line of GOOD colored shaft cover replacements for those revised levers! Frankly, I don't like the look of Seimitsu's transparent shaft covers so the point is moot for the LS-32 since NONE of the Seimitsu replacement shaft line would fit the LS-32 anyway. And with the thickness of the LS-32, you can't mod those shafts reasonably without thinning the plastic to the point it would break anyway. I know from experience that the Sanwa shaft covers can be modded without destroying them. I don't know the quality of the Qanba shaft covers so I can't speak for those....
      I bought one of these clear covers to fit an HRAP 3 SE which I own. I wanted the cover to protect the LS-32-01 unit of the joystick base so I cut the shaft cover close to the height I needed (the LS-32 shaft is shorter than the JLF) with a Dremel (cutting disc attachment) and thinned the shaft from inside out with a small, coarse round metal file to close to half its original thickness. I think smoothed out the interior with a semiround, fine metal file. The end result leaves the transparent shaft cover "frosted" a bit. Scratching the interior fo the JLF replacement shaft is unavoidable with metal files but it leaves a nice scratch pattern that can give the shaft a "pearling" or "frosted" effect, too.
      You will have to ditch/store the original LS-32 dustcover and use the JLF dustcover with the modded shaft but, oh well, I kind of like the JLF dustcovers better anyway! Easy mod, takes less than an hour and is pretty safe, too! I got to the point I could do these shaft cover mods within a half hour.
      Be aware that using the metal file(s) will always frost the inside of the shaft cover and it won't be perfectly clear anymore. I liked the frosted effect and it complemented my LS-32, too. It was as if I had transplanted a JLF or Hayabusa shaft to the LS-32 base after I installed the clear shaft cover. I like the effect since the lever with the transparent shaft installed it almost looks like there's no protective cover on it!
      The color choices of the Sanwa shaft covers (especially the transparent shaft line) are so diverse that this is the go-to EASY parts mod for the LS-32. With these color choices and being aware of the theme you're going to use for your LS-32, the combinations are endless. I have JLF shaft covers in transparent red, transparent blue, and clear. They just look so good on the LS-32 after modding (the red and blue covers almost look metallic/"pearly" after the mods I did; the "frosting effect" caused by thinning with the file on the inside I think made the shaft covers look BETTER on the LS-32's!) that I'll never replace those levers on their installed bases.
      I would NEVER try to do the retrofit mod on an aluminum shaft cover. Leave those for the JLF and Hayabusa and install the transparent covers on the LS-32. Besides, the latest medical research indicates it's not healthy to inhale aluminum dust so stick to modding the plastic shaft covers. As I said before, the Sanwa transparent covers (the colored ones, anyway) give a nice pearl effect after they're thinned and "frosted" on the inside.
      on Dec 25th 2019

    3. Works well

      Works exactly as it should and had no issues installing. The shaft will fit all the way inside the washer so has no extra room for dust to fall inside. on Oct 2nd 2016

    4. It aiight

      It's better quality than the stock QANBA q2 Glow shaft and dust washer. The shaft is a little shorter, I solved this by using strong tape around the bottom to give it a lift. Can't even tell it's short anymore. on Jun 20th 2016

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