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Sanwa LB-30 N-S Battop Black

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    The SANWA LB-30-N Battop is an American style handle, great for those who are used to playing with this type. Included with the battop is the Sanwa LB-30 N-S Battop Adapter for installing onto M6 threading compatible shafts. Without the adapter, it is compatible with the original Sanwa JLW models, which have a larger diameter shaft.

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    1. Exactly as advertised.

      The feel and price is nice, and it’s easy to install. I haven’t had any problems. on Jan 16th 2018

    2. Good shape, good feel, good price

      You get what you pay for here - a simple black battop. It has a nice texture to it, it's a good size (slightly smaller diameter than your typical ball top) and it's a good price. on Dec 18th 2017

    3. Exactly what you'd expect.

      A quality plastic battop. Nothing more, nothing less. on Sep 20th 2017

    4. Awesome! Matches perfectly Hayabusa Buttons

      I have HRAP V for NS with Kowal gate and actuator and this rounds it out perfectly. It's very much more comfortable than a balltop for me. Any stick player should consider this. on Sep 14th 2017

    5. Good, simple bat-top!

      The Good:
      + The color is accurate, black is black and not some dark grey mix.
      + Fairly well built top, the texture is smooth on the hand.
      + Due to it being an almost matte surface, it doesn't get crummy with sweat like a glossy plastic ball top.
      + Screw adapter isn't made of tin foil, meaning it's high quality and doesn't strip itself easily.

      The Neutral:
      ~ Prefer if there is no seam near the top, although it's understandable why it has to be there considering it is plastic.

      The Bad:
      - NONE!

      Subjectively speaking, since a top for a lever is entirely subjective, I found that while I did like the extended length of the battop especially for pushing up or down (sidesteps in Tekken is VERY easy with a battop) - there is one area where I found it to be awkward for me; doing qcf on 1P (left) side.

      I know it's the size of my hand, but I believe that because I'm more used to a balltop where the ball's circumference is wider than that of a bat, it makes for a more well-rounded grip to do a QCF movement on the left side.

      Overall, a good decently priced battop that I think will fit some people's playstyles more than it did for me. Recommended if you need a battop change!
      on Aug 7th 2017

    6. American Style

      Feels just like a bat top you'd see on an American arcade cabinet. It's perfect. on Jul 22nd 2017

    7. Great Product

      This battop is exactly what you would expect. The finish isn't too slippy, which is nice, and it feels like a classic U.S. style battop. It comes with a converter for the Japanese balltop, so instilation was easy. I prefer the balltop for fighters, but I love the battop for SHMUPs. on Jun 22nd 2017

    8. Arcade classic

      Es una buena pieza para los que jugaron en árcades versión USA, se ciente cómodo pero si han jugado un buen tiempo con el árcade japones con palanca de bola hay que acostumbrar nuevamente a los movimientos para realizaros correctamente, dado a que la bola tiene mas dimensiones y esta palanca hay que realizar mas inclinación pero deja mas campo para hacerlo. mi joystick es MAD CATZ TE2. on Jan 19th 2017

    9. Bat Top

      Very standard black bat top. Solid and clean. on Jan 4th 2017

    10. Batt Tops over Ball Tops for me

      Batt tops are my preference over Ball mainly cause they feel lighter to me, and it gives me more room to spread my fingers out. Great product! on Aug 6th 2016

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