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Sanwa SW-68 Button Micro Switch


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  • Product Description

    Sanwa's accolades in the arcade industry are likely the result of their SW-68 button microswitch.  This microswitch is found in OBSF-24, OBSF-30, OBSN, and upcoming OBSC buttons. Depressing the switch is almost feather light, and very sensive with a great return.   This switch can also replace the PS-14-G microswitch found in the Seimitsu PS-14-K snap button if you're looking for a translucent button that mimics the OBSC.  


    • Rating: DC12V100mA 
    • Insulation resistance: pin DC250V/50 M Ω over 
    • Withstanding voltage: terminals between AC250V/1 minutes 
    • Operating temperature range:-20 ~ + 60 ° c 
    • 1 Million times at lifetime ( opener ) :DC5V10mA 
    • Contact resistance (initial values): 50 m Ω below 


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    1. Best price

      Best price good quality cant beat it on Feb 8th 2020

    2. good to have as back up or to fix a broken button

      always good to have on hand some genuine sanwa switches to fix or just have as backup. on Apr 23rd 2019

    3. Why replace the entire button?

      It takes about 2 seconds pop the button apart and replace the part that actually does the work. I had a button on my Injustice ps3 fight stick which has LEDs in the buttons. I dunno who makes them but replacements aren't sold. These switches drop right in and I can't tell any difference in feel from the other buttons. on Jul 17th 2018

    4. Make your buttons good again

      If your problem is just a button not popping up or a connector you somehow bend, tried to solder and burned the plastic, whatever problem that just requires the activation and return to original position, buy these and save some money.

      It worked pretty well here and I got the feeling of buttons back again, when they were slightly sunk in the rim and activating accidentally after a few years.

      They work like new again, for half the price.
      on Feb 4th 2017

    5. High quality, low cost micro switch for Sanwa parts and electronic projects.

      The Sanwa SW-68 Button Micro Switch fits perfectly into Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons, and is a great replacement for buttons that have malfunctioned or gotten jammed.

      I have not tested this with OBSF-24 buttons but can report back when I have.

      These are also great for electronic projects that need a pressure based switch or button as they can be attached pretty much anywhere due to their size.
      on Dec 15th 2015