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Sanwa SW-68 CAU2 Double Tension Switch w/ Wiring Harness

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    SW-68CAU vs Traditional SW-68 microswitch clearanceThough many Fightstick manufacturers work to accomodate the clearances of the joystick lever and pushbutton hardware, there always leaves a potential desire to truly go "low-profile" in a custom build.  Sometimes you simply don't have the clearance with all other components installed, as the traditional .110" terminal will add about 13mm or more below the microswitch housing. 

    Sanwa's SW-68CAU2 converts the male terminal underneath the switch into a female connector, lowering the clearance.

    Higher Tension Model

    According to Sanwa, the SW68-CAU2 is reportedly double the tension of its earlier model, the Sanwa SW-68 CAU Switch w/ Wiring Harness. Higher tension means that it takes more force to engage the switch - a common characteristic in the Seimitsu Seimitsu PS-14-G Button Micro Switch and Seimitsu PS-14-D Button Micro Switch. Players that desire less sensitivity - and thus potential for less accidental presses during play - may desire this switch as it is the first departure from Sanwa's famed Sanwa SW-68 Button Micro Switch

    Wire Adapter Included

    A JST connector and wire adapter (68CAU-G) attaches to female terminal connectors of common wiring setups in most Fightsticks.  The other end of the connector plugs into the SW68-CAU switch.  The wire is 50mm (1.988") in length.

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