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Seimitsu Balltop Backpack Charm - Black

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    If you're looking to take your favorite balltop everywhere you go, you will love the Seimitsu Balltop Backpack Charm. Available in various colors, it's a wonderful little accessory.

    Durable Loop

    Loop IllustrationThe strap can attach to any item with a closed loop, such as keychain rings, zippers, carabiners, and other items.  To install, simply thread the loop end inside of the open area of the zipper or hook, then pull the balltop attachment through the loop and pull down.  This should create a tight loop around the zipper, with the weight of the attached balltop helping to keep it in place.

    Each charm strap is made of a durable string, braided into a strap, and then coated to keep the threads from fraying.

    Seimitsu LB-39, Sanwa LB-35, and Sanwa Compatible Accessories

    The balltop strap has threading compatible with the Seimitsu LB-39 balltop. In turn, accessory brands such as KDiT that are also compliant with Sanwa and Seimitsu balltops will properly fit.

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    1. Neat

      Really nice product, has good quality and just looks pretty. I wasn`t sure if the balltop would hold tightly on this thing, but it does and I haven`t had any problems yet. on Nov 3rd 2019

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