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Seimitsu LS-56-SC-K (.187" Fastener Type) Joystick with MS Plate


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    Before Seimitsu introduced the LS-58 series of translucent color joysticks, there was the solidly-built LS-56.  This joystick is noticably smaller than the LS-32 or LS-40, enabling it to fit inside smaller joystick configurations, such as a Madcatz TE.  The stiffer spring makes it excellent for those who prefer it to the softer looser spring in a Sanwa JLF, or LS-58. 

    The LS-56 has the following characteristics according to slagcoin:

    • Medium throw distance
    • Medium engage distance
    • Has a heavy tension spring in comparison to Sanwa JLF
    • Comes with square gate by default but can be fitted with an octagonal gate.
    • High neutral and engage precision.

    Compatble with Seimtsu LB-35 balltops, LB-39 bubbletops, color shaft and dustwasher sets

    You can find plenty of color customization options for the LS-56.  Now available are Seimitsu solid and translucent color shaft and dustwasher sets, plus solid color LB-35 bubbletops, and translucent LB-39 bubbletops.  Use these to swap the default black up to 7 solid color and 10 translucent colors accessories.

    Bundle with LS-56 octogonal gate!

    The Seimitsu LS 56 Octagonal Restrictor Plate is compatible with the LS-58, allowing you to get smooth 8-way movement similar to the Sanwa GTY.

    MS Plate installed. VF, P=40 Flat and SS Plates Available

    The Seimitsu LS-56 joystick comes with the MS plate, which is often used in Sanwa compatible mounts.  We also carry plus the flat VF, SS P=40 plate.  The P=40 is considered one of Seimitsu's most versatile plates.  The P-40 plate mounts on practically any "universal" mounting spot (HRAP 3 SA/SE or HRAP V3/VX SA) as well as seemingly "JLF-only" HRAP 3's and licensed HRAP's like the Arcana Heart 2 joystick (Thanks to SRK's GeorgeC for the explanation).


    Not sure how to install the LS series color shaft cover? Click here for help.

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    1. Great stick!

      I love this stick. I use it in all of my fight sticks and all of my fighting game arcade cabinets. I prefer to use it with an octo gate and the short throw mod installed as well. It's a stick thats great for fast movements. I recommend it to all of my friends. on Dec 8th 2017

    2. It should be more popular

      I love this stick so much I stuck it in all of my Candy Cabs and have replaced all of my JLF Sanwa sticks in my console based fightsticks with these. They are the tightest stick with the shortest throw. Going back to the JLF feels like a loose sluggish mess compared to these.

      Fan for life!
      on Jul 26th 2015

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