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Seimitsu LSQ-40 Silent Lever

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    Seimitsu is reputable for their durable levers. For SHMUP fans, the responsive LS-40 has impressive characteristics such as: short throw and engage distance; soft sensitive spring, and small deadzone. However, quiet operation was not one of its qualities, until now.

    Omron D2RV-LG Microswitch

    The D2RV-LG is a hinge-based microswitch known for its quiet actuation. By revising the shaft, spring, actuator and main guide, Seimitsu devised a way to keep the original operation of the LS-40 intact with the new switch. One difference from the LS-40 is the engagement position, which is a bit deeper.  Seimitsu has addressed this with a larger actuator, so the switches are engaged firmly.

    Special Main Guide, Sub Guide Compatibility, MS P-50 Mounting Plate

    The LSQ-40's main guide goes for subtlety, with a hybrid square-circle form that allows for smooth circular movement with a hint of corner control. The original LS-40 octagonal guide and sub-guide can be installed, but it recommended that you use the original the LSQ-40 main guide.

    The MS P-50 mounting plate - first featured on the limited edition 40th Anniversary LS-32, and Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01 Pro Edition Joystick, is installed on the LSQ-40.

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