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Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01 Pro Edition Joystick

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    Courtesy Robert Paul,
    Nakayama 'Nobi' Daichi
    Courtesy Robert Paul, Link opens new window/tab

    Team Yamasa's Nakayama 'Nobi' Daichi -  a WCG 2011 Tekken 6 Champion, 2015 EVO Champion for Tekken 7, and 2015 King of Iron Fist Tournament Champion - is considered one of the strongest Tekken Dragunov players from Japan.  Seimitsu has teamed up with Nobi to develop a Tekken specialized joystick lever that is quite unique in both look and feel.

    NOBI Standard restrictor plate includedNow Included: Nobi Standard Restrictor Plate

    Merging their NOBI Standard and Pro models, Seimitsu now includes the Standard restrictor plate.  This plate offers a hybrid of traditional square and rounded control.   

    Bullet Lever, Smooth Restrictor Plate and Rotation Free Shaft

    The LSX-NOBI-01 sports three novel features not seen in other models:

    • The Bullet lever handle is the most notable at 29mm, with height at 45mm. Its shape is unlike anything seen before.
    • The restrictor plate in both Standard and Pro models are designed for smooth transition across the corners. Much like the OTTO DIY V5 Upgrade Kit for Sanwa JLF and Hori Hayabusa and the KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Plate (2016 Model), it allows the actuator to hug the corners. 
    • The shaft does not rotate in the joystick body.  This is especially helpful to 2P side Tekken players whole inputs are often affected by the joystick rotation, since they cannot take advantage of the left wrist joint structure inherent in the winglass grip style. The shaft is specially coated with black nickel. 

    Nobi Lever (Pro Edition) Features

    • Specially shaped octagonal restrictor plate.
    • High tension spring with 1.0mm coil diameter, offering a denser spring overall.  This is similar to the 2lb Tension Spring for Sanwa JLF, though subjective feel is 2.5lb.
    • Special black nickel-plated shaft that does not rotate.
    • Included free of charge: NOBI Standard restrictor plate 
    • Unique, detachable "Bullet" lever handle.  6mm threading is compatible with traditional Japanese lever handles.
    • "MS-E" base plate.  Compatible with most Sanwa style mounts.
    • Green "BULLET" label printed directly to mounting plate
    • Special collector's box


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    1. Maybe change the top

      For context, I am used to crab-arm inducing American style levers by IL. Going to a short-throw lever was quite a change.

      Something that was immediately apparent upon installation is how little effort (comparatively) it takes to move. I can typically place just my thumb on top and nudge it.

      The Pro version's octagonal gate works well for my play style (of having no gate at all). Both the precision and even pressure of the lever action are on point. I was able to hit PB scores in Primal Rage (shut up, I love that game).

      What I don't love is the bullet top that comes with it. You'd think it's a mixup of a ball and a bat, but it isn't. First, the pictures don't really capture scale well, so it looks chonkier than it is. I use the 'rim' of the top pretty frequently, and that gets real uncomfortable. I ordered an aluminum bat to take its place, and that is much better for me.

      In summation, I think it's the polar opposite to my IL Eurostick, which has a long throw and heavy resistance, but loose precision. The short throw of the Nobi has me trying to pull it farther than you need to, but the buttery smooth action and sharp-as-a-knife precision make some of the more complicated motions dead simple. The top may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's an easy thing to swap out. If you need to speed up your motions or have trouble with specific movements, the Nobi Pro could be your next lever.
      on Nov 5th 2022

    2. Amazing J lever, probably the best out there

      This lever has a really good feel to it. Nice click, moves very smoothly, and returns to neutral fast. The gate takes a bit of adjusting to, regardless if you came from octo or square. It's somewhat an octo gate in which the distance from 4 to 1/7 and 6 to 3/8 is farther than the distance from 2 to 1/3 and 8 to 7/9 is. Doesn't mess with quarter circles or half circles too much, dp it might a little, but the real kicker is blocking. If you're blocking, swapping from low to high block may feel strange because the distance from 4 to 1 is extra far, and you may not hit 1 on occasion. It doesn't take long to adjust to though, and ends up being an amazing lever once you give it enough time. I have heard some people mention that it ends up with a lot of wobble, but I personally never experienced this. The ability to swap your top/dustwasher without taking your stick apart is also greatly appreciated. on Apr 27th 2022

    3. Incredible Stick

      Seimitsu makes great products, I am really happy I got this stick. Worlds better than Hori's Hayabusa stick, and I like it more than Sanwa JLF sticks too. The knob is lighter weight than I expected, but very comfortable. The bullet knob is also darker colour than what online photos show it as, very dark gun metal grey. The clicks from it's switches are loud, but overall it feels less "mushy" than a Hayabusa stick. Highly recommend this stick, it surpassed my expectations! on Oct 23rd 2021

    4. Lever of the GODS (Nobi)

      I tried so many levers through out the years, Koreans and Japanese you name it. This is by far the most optimal and satisfying feeling out of the box. Just example, If Sanwa JLF is Toyota Corolla then this is Nissan GTR. on Jun 24th 2021

    5. Super stick

      This stick is awesome. Has a really good feel. The new 56 on Jun 17th 2021

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