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Available in a pack of 8 washers with Silencer logo sticker.

Silencer Sanwa/Seimitsu 30mm Foam Washers (Pack of 8)

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    Note Regarding Hori Low Profile Matte Buttons. Additional Compatibility Reports.

    The Silencer pads compatible with the recent Hori Hayabusa low-profile matte version, but will require cutting off the side tabs.  This is similar to Seimitsu PS-15 low profile pushbuttons. Additionally customers have reported compatibility with Samducksa 201 Futaba and 202 MX pushbuttons.

    In November 2012, one of the highest voted ideas in our product suggestion forum was creating silent foam washers.  This would provide an alternative to Sanwa's ground-breaking, but limited silent button lineup of OBSFS pushbuttons.  Imagine having the ability to silence Sanwa OBSN screwbuttons, or the more recent translucent OBSC pushbuttons.  

    Now imagine the same for Seimitsu.  

    Available now is Silencer - a 1mm foam washer shaped to fit in both Sanwa and Seimitsu 30mm pushbuttons.  Suggested by you, and tested over several months for performance and durability.

    Unique Shape and material

    Silencer is a 1mm foam washer that conforms to the internal housing of Sanwa and Seimitsu's 30mm pushbutton lineup.  It also utilizes small "tabs" at each end of the washer, which additionally absorb the sharp sound created as the pushbutton plunger's tab meets the rim.  Sanwa and Seimitsu - for copyright purposes - deliberately orient their plunger tabs differently from one another.  Silencer's tabs can be oriented horizontally or vertically for Sanwa or Seimitsu's unique housing.  For Sanwa OBSF, OBSN, OBSC and Seimitsu PS-15 pushbuttons, Silencer's tabs can be snipped off without affecting its ability to reduce noise.   

    Silencer's foam material was chosen for the closest match to Sanwa's original foam washers.  For increased durability, an incredibly thin and flexible plastic film was placed on one side.


    installing the Silencer foam pads into a Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbutton is straightforward.  Place the washer - plastic film side down - into the button housing.  Align the small tabs so that they stick out of the holes on each side of the housing.  For Seimitsu PS-15 low profile pushbuttons, snip the tabs off with scissors and place into the housing.

    Months of Play-testing, Sound and Endurance Tests

    The objective of Silencer is to provide an alternative washer for Sanwa and Seimitsu pushbuttons that effectively reduces noise, but also matches the actuation ability and natural feel in Sanwa's OBSFS offering.  To do this, we sent prototypes of the washer - originally in clear silicone and later foam - to a group of dedicated testers.  Over several months, we learned that foam was more effective in matching Sanwa's original washer and absorbing shock while matching the actuation of Sanwa's own product.  We also learned that "springiness" and "mushiness" was an undesired factor in other washers - first with our silicone prototypes, and later with competing solutions. 

    Further, we performed blind tests with individuals and groups, who assumed that Sanwa's OBSFS pushbuttons were installed. The washers were taken to tournaments in Philadelphia and utilized in joysticks swapped amongst players during the events.  Those using Silencers indirectly reported no differences in feel to our testers; they didn't feel "springy" or"mushy", and were able to tap away normals, links and combos as they always did. 

    Finally, we performed tests in Seimitsu's PS-14 K and KN series of pushbuttons.  The KN was most compatible due to its internal housing; Silencers proved effective for both in muffling sound while not restricting their unique feel.  Though we couldn't perform blind tests, players that did use them were quite pleased that pads were designed for Seimitsu.

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    1. The best

      Easy way to turn any button silent on Aug 7th 2020

    2. Pleasantly surprised!

      Originally I bought these for my Sanwa OBSF buttons, but to my surprise this silencer fits Crown 202 screw in buttons perfectly too! on Jun 18th 2020

    3. Much Better

      Grade A!!!! They get the job done!!!!! on Jun 11th 2020

    4. A cheap solution for a quieter stick

      The title says it all. I wouldn't have installed these as I like a more distinctive click, but my wife is a personal trainer who can hear me game in the night and they work great to keep her asleep and me happy ;) on Jun 10th 2020

    5. Great great works great

      did exactly what I wanted it to do, buttons quiet as hell on my qanba drone now
      I'm happy
      on May 26th 2020

    6. works best on hori buttons

      still had noise with my seimitsu buttons. others got very quiet on Feb 17th 2020

    7. One of the easiest mods to do, although...

      I got an 8-pack for my Seimitsus. Did the job pretty well! Buttons are a lot quieter, but in turn they got noticeably mushier. It doesn't decrease performance at all, but i'm not a fan of the mushiness. on Jan 13th 2020

    8. The Softest of Button Presses

      I was quickly able to install these in my buttons and give them a test run. Definitely not as quiet as one might think beforehand but it sure does dampen a majority of the sound. I got used to them in just a few hours but your mileage may vary.

      Overall I think these are a great alternative if you want to decrease those plastic-smacking sounds from your buttons!
      on Dec 13th 2019

    9. Wasn't expected to be this quiet!

      This is a really great add-on if you want to quiet your buttons. Easy installation and no problems with the button inputs. The button is going to feel a bit different, a bit tighter, but it's something that you'll get used to. Highly recommended.

      The shipping was surprisingly on time too. That's a plus.
      on Nov 2nd 2019

    10. Didn't work for me.

      I don't like the idea of having to silence your stick because of button listeners. And as far as that goes, this product delivers. The sound is so soft that it prevents anyone from gaining an advantage when I'm mashing.

      However I'm very un-used to using these and dropped a lot of inputs because I didn't push down hard enough.

      I will likely use these for buttons in the future, but I think it's easier without them.
      on Sep 13th 2019

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    Silencer Foam Washer Install Guide on Sanwa 30mm Pushbuttons

    Cheap and quick way to silence your button presses! This install was done on my Mad Catz TE2 FightStick on Sanwa 30mm push buttons. Drop a like, comment and subscribe! Stay connected!
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