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T.E.2+ Spacer for Sanwa 30mm OBS series Pushbuttons (8-Pak)

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    The MadCatz T.E.2 series, which includes the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ PS4/PS3/PC, offers one of the most accessible means to customize and replace parts.  Simply pressing a center button at the base of the hardware unlocks the underside to reveal the joystick lever, pushbuttons, and all wiring.  Additionally, replacing artwork is a breeze simply by removing the underside panel screws with your included MadCatz screwdriver (or 3mm Long Arm Hex Key for MadCatz Tournament Edition Joystick if you no longer have the screwdriver), and lifting the panel bezel. 

    TE2 Ring Button InstallBecause of the TE2's unique method to replace artwork, it utilizes mini plastic rings under each Sanwa OBSF 30mm pushbutton between the button rim and tab.  This acts as as spacer to prop the button up around the artwork pane thin panel.  Removing these small, fragile rings to replace the buttons can sometimes lead to breakage or loss. 

    Now, you can purchase a single or 8 pack of TE2 rings, produced in house via FA Plexworks as replacements should you break or lose the original rings.

    Ring Installation, Works with OBS Series Pushbutton

    Each ring is made with durable 1/16" thick acrylic, which provides a similar spacing to the original model. To install gently push the button tabs inward, the push the ring upwards from the base of the pushbutton until it reaches just under the button rim.  You can then depress the button tabs.  You will then install the pushbuttons back into the TE2 by lowering the buttons from the top.

    The TE2 ring spacer will work with the OBSF-30 PushbuttonOBSC-30 Pushbutton and silent OBSFS-30 Pushbutton.

    Custom TE2 Artwork

    The unique aspect of the TE2 is that artwork and plexi surround the button instead of placed below the button.  For many, this eliminates the need to remove the button.  If you are looking to personalize artwork for this model, you can utilize our Artwork Print and Cut for MadCatz T.E.2, T.E.2+ (Generation 2 1/40") services.  This service replicates the layout of TE2 with button rings, allowing you to easily swap artwork for something unique.


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    1. Used it for Razer Panthera EVO

      It's a little smaller than the razer panthera evo spacers but it should work out for you if you accidentally threw them out like I did, but it is a little small. But these are perfect if you're using them on their intended stick. They're sturdy and wont break unless you actively try to break them, or are unlucky. on Oct 23rd 2020

    2. Must have

      Need these bad boys for sure thanks again on Sep 11th 2020

    3. Tes+ cover

      It’s cool because with this clear plexi I don’t have to worry about my art work cover getting erased from sweat and friction while I play a game. on Jun 27th 2019