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Tournament Lockout Harness

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    Tournament lockout is an essential function when playing in a competitive setting. In tournaments, an accidental press of the start button or other option is grounds for disqualification.  Thankfully DIY builders have a way to create their own lockout switch when using a Brook input control PCB and a SPDT (Single Pole Double ThrowLink opens in new window rocker switch. 

    How it Works

    This wiring harness combination provided here will complete the ground from the Brook device, and the SPDT switch either connects or disconnects the ground. When disconnected, the option button input signal cannot complete, and therefore does not register as an input on the Brook device.  This prevents an accidental press of an option button.

    Daily Chain Wires Multiple Option Buttons

    The 10-connection .110" daily chain harness connects one .110" terminal end to the SPDT switch, and the other terminals to each option button. This allows you to wire up to six or seven option buttons, depending on spacing between each button.

    The secondary harness with a single .110" terminal will also connect to the SPDT switch, and its opposite bare end will attach to a ground terminal on the Brook control PCB.  The below diagrams illustrate the connection points.

    Lockout harness connection to DPDT switch Connection to Brook PCB ground terminal
    Lockout harness connection to SPDT switch Connection to Brook PCB ground terminal
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