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10 Foot Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable

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    Size matters, especially when you're forced to play far from a TV set or just want a little slack.  This black USB 2.0 cable measures 10 feet (3.04m) and uses an A-B interface compatible with most Neutrik adapter-based interfaces.  Gold-plated connectors ensure a fast and error-free transfer.  This is great for joystick builders that want to ensure their configuration is ready for any situation, whether sitting on the couch or across the room.

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    1. Great product

      Building a fight stick must have. Long enough. Durable super fast connection on Dec 1st 2020

    2. Standard affair cables, works well

      Durable but bendy enough without appearing too thin or thick.

      Wraps up nicely and doesn't retain the previous shape. Though I have not forcibly compressed or shape the cable
      on Jan 14th 2020

    3. Proper for custom sticks

      Need to hook up to your modern systems via your custom fightstick? Get this.. now! with your money!! on Dec 6th 2019

    4. extra

      came with my order but awesome to have extra on Nov 19th 2019

    5. generic uds cord

      It does the job. The item was free because it was part of a pre-order. I would have gladly bought it though. Good quality. on Oct 9th 2019

    6. So funny story

      So I ended up with two of these cables free with my Brooks Wireless fight boards. Even though I very clearly stated "Do not send me these cables. I don't need them. But thank you." But I ended up doing something different than I originally had planned. So I ended up using one of them. But not the way you think. I have a Mad Catz te with the cable compartment in the back. So I installed a braided USB cable and ran it through the compartment hold and splice the end of it with a 6in long chunk of the printer end of the USB cable plugged into the wireless fight board. And it works great. I can confirm the cable is a good quality because I literally cut it open. Lol. I'm actually about to splice the other one into a madcatz te2 + cable now. So yeah. Works great. on Sep 25th 2019

    7. Review of the stick cable

      It works great! It’s also thicker than my old cable so it’s less prone to ruin the wiring inside due to me wrapping it around my stick. on Jul 22nd 2018

    8. It works!

      ... on Dec 12th 2017

    9. Neutrik + cable = awesomeness

      The last stick I built using a DS2 controller and had the wire coming out of the middle of my stick. Huge pita for stick storage and general mobility as you moved from meet to meet. With the Neutrik and this cable problem solved. Quickly remove cable and store the stick as a display item as I have artwork on the bottom of the stick. on Nov 21st 2016

    10. nice product

      the 10 foot distance is good if you need to play not too close of the tv on Aug 12th 2016

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