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Bi-Color Balltop: Green/Yellow

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  • Product Description

    Important Note Regarding Color

    Photos of this product were taken under a controlled lighting environment and perspective.  Color fidelity will change under different lighting conditions and angles, given the nature of this balltop's color characteristics.

    Dual Action. The KDiT 35mm bi-color joystick balltop features an exquisite primary color blend with an additional bonus - LED compatibility.

    Joystick LED Compatible

    The threaded insert used to secure the balltop to the joystick shaft is hollow. Coupled with a hollow joystick shaft, you can wire a small (3x5mm) new-window-icon.png single white or RGB LED.

    Close match with Sanwa OBSC

    Many of the colors available to the KDiT Kori Balltop series has an approximate color similarity to Sanwa's OBSC Series of pushbuttons, shafts and dustwashers.   The bi-color balltops are currently available in three color combinations: Red/Purple, Green/Yellow, and Violet/Blue.

    Compatible with Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks

    This balltop fits the Sanwa and Seimitsu line of joysticks that accept 35mm.  That includes our common line of Sanwa JLF joysticks, such as the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT JoystickSanwa JLF-TRG-8YTH.SK Silent Microswitch Joystick, and Seimitsu joysticks.

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    1. It's not my favorite

      As far as looks go this would get a perfect score. However, it won't stay tight on the stick and loosens very easily during a session. I find I have to rescrew it down after each match. As it loosens it feels like your grip is slipping, which hurts execution.

      I don't recommend this for fighting games - I'd go with a Seimetsu Bubble Top instead.
      on Oct 1st 2019

    2. Gorgeous but won't always stay tight.

      Looks really great, but mine won't stay super-tight; an hour of use and I need to give it a couple more spins or it'll be noticeably loose-feeling (though at no risk of coming off -- that won't happen accidentally) on Aug 4th 2019

    3. Durability issues

      Message from FA:

      Order records show that the balltop was purchased in 2015. If possible we would like to know at what point in the 4 years of use that you began to see this issue, as we can take this information to KDiT


      After using the Bi-Color Balltop: Green/Yellow for a while I noticed small flakes of the green have started to chip off exposing the yellow underneath. The chips are quite deep and are very distracting if you use a finger grip.
      I would not recommend this balltop for sticks that are going to see a lot of wear and tear.
      on Mar 25th 2019

    4. Customization at its finest

      As is, its a regular ball top for for your fightstick, but incredibly good for customization. The double color makes it amazing. Works really well if you're going for a theme of yellow, since the green will be on top of the ball. Green theme? I think it'll still work. on Dec 28th 2018

    5. It's neat

      The color isn't exactly like what you'd expect. From the side, mine definitely has more green in it than yellow the complete opposite of the picture. I like it though, the coolest thing is how the balltop looks different colors at different angles. on Mar 7th 2018

    6. As advertised, but unfortunately a small production flaw

      The colour is as advertised, but be aware that looking from the top the ball will only look green. It has the colour variation clearly visible only when looking from the side.
      One small production flaw is that the injection mould has not been drilled away, instead there is a very small bump on the ball which does seem like a unnecessary thing to leave when you have the opportunity to drill it away post- injection mould.

      Otherwise it looks good and feels quality
      on Mar 11th 2016

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