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KDiT Bi-Color Battop: Green/Yellow

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  • Product Description

    Important Note Regarding Color

    Photos of this product were taken under a controlled lighting environment and perspective.  Color fidelity will change under different lighting conditions and angles, given the nature of this battop's color characteristics.

    Dual Action. The KDiT 35mm bi-color joystick battop features an exquisite primary color blend with an additional bonus - LED compatibility.

    Joystick LED Compatible

    The threaded insert used to secure the battop to the joystick shaft is hollow. Coupled with a hollow joystick shaft, you can wire a small (3x5mm) new-window-icon.png single white or RGB LED.

    Close match with Sanwa OBSC

    Many of the colors available to the KDiT Kori series has an approximate color similarity to Sanwa's OBSC Series of pushbuttons, shafts and dustwashers.   The bi-color battop are currently available in three color combinations: Red/Purple, Green/Yellow, and Violet/Blue.

    Compatible with Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks

    This battop fits the Sanwa and Seimitsu line of joysticks that accept 35mm.  That includes our common line of Sanwa JLF joysticks, such as the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT JoystickSanwa JLF-TRG-8YTH.SK Silent Microswitch Joystick, and Seimitsu joysticks.

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    1. Great, but one thing to consider

      So aesthetically, this battop is amazing. The translucent green and yellow is just eye candy to look at. As for the performance, that is something that will vary from person to person. It works just like you’d expect a battop to work, but with a slightly higher elevation compared to the Sanwa matte battops. For me, that extra elevation threw off my inputs a little bit, as I needed to move the stick a bit further to get certain moves out. As I said, this will vary from person to person, so it may not be a big deal for you, but I found much more precision in my inputs from the Sanwa matte battop due to the elevation being a bit lower. Just something to consider.
      As a side note, I tried the battop out in Tekken 7 with King. It may also provide a different experience depending on your game and/or character.
      on Aug 20th 2019

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