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Crown Battop - White

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    Crown/Samducksa's delve into the joystick lever accessory market starts with the fundamental ball top and bat top, available in several colors.

    Fits Crown Levers with Detachable Accessory

    These accessories are designed to fit Crown's newer joystick levers that allow you to remove the existing battop from its shaft, such as:

    Wide Compatibility with Sanwa and Seimitsu Joystick Levers, Crown Conversion Shaft

    One notable feature of these accessories is its compatibility with the M6 threading found in SanwaSeimitsu, and Hori Hayabusa joystick levers.  Additionally, you can use the Crown JLF Conversion Shaft to install them onto Crown 303, 307 and 309 models. Other unlisted joystick models that accept the Sanwa threading will also work.

    Compatible with Samducksa SDL models with removable battop. Install on CWL 303, 307 and 309 series with Crown JLF Conversion Shaft Also compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu Levers, Sanwa threaded shafts.

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    1. Major upgrade for me

      After watching that the electric underground optimal for style video I tried it out on my balltop sanwa but I didn't like it. Then I got this battop and the grip style worked great. That style combined with added height, surface area, and smoothness eliminate the awkward zones and motions that my hands were struggling and feeling weak with. Now I don't really fail to hit corners on a square gate or fail to store various spd motions like I used to. Double tabs and charges are much more reliable. I could go on. Great battop for a grip great style. on Dec 13th 2020

    2. Perfect for a JLF

      Love how this bat top feels compared against the official Sanwa bat tops, which have a textured, totally different feel from their buttons. The Crown bat top is made from the same coating as a standard Sanwa balltop, so it looks and feels uniform with standard Sanwa buttons. It feels balanced and perfect for the Sanwa stick, not heavy at all, and fits a JLF naturally (no adapter needed). The one thing it will not do is restrict a JLF's shaft cover from spinning even when tightened down all the way, the shaft cover will still spin as the bottom of the bat top does not add any friction there, so you will need super glue or other if that bothers you, but it is such a small area it will not bother probably 90% of players. on Feb 3rd 2020

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