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Crown CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30 Joystick


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  • Product Description

    Important: GSM-V1623A3 marked Microswitch is actually GSM-V1603A3HM 

    Following a customer report that his 309-MJ-NEW-Helpme contained GSM-V1623A3.  These are installed by Samducksa - not FA.  Samducksa's official explanation is that the GSM-V1603A3HM switches was mislabeled as GSM-V1623A3 during microswitch production.  They are unable to replace the mislabeled switches until Fall 2021, due to costs.

    The mislabeled GSM-V1623A3 has the same characteristics as the GSM-V1603A3HM, including its 0.6mm hinge thickness.  Because of this, we will not honor requests to replace the mislabeled GSM-V1623A3 microswitches in the 309-MJ-NEW-Helpme.

    Samducksa's original Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Joystick - produced using gameplay feedback from Tekken player Helpme to create a notable departure from earlier 300 series levers.  The NEW HELPME now has a low-profile collar, adding compatibility with Japanese-style S-plate mounts. However, there are a number of internal adjustments worth noting as well.

    ST-30 Tension Grommet. DX Bobbin

    Samducksa's expanded range of grommet tensions start as low as 20 up to 55.  The NEW HELPME utilizes a ST-30 grommet, colored violet.  This grommet is a bit softer than the previous HELPME, which has the ST-35 tension grommet installed. A DX-style bobbin - similar to the Crown CWL-309MJ-BENYLIS-ST35 Joystick and Crown CWL 303MJ Crazy Dongpal Joystick, keeps the shaft in place.

    Two Actuators Included

    Available with each NEW HELPME are two actuators with slight differences in outer diameter.  The black actuator is suitable for most fighting games such as Street Fighter V, or King of Fighters series. The white actuator is designed to address the movement of game characters that need more neutrality (ex: Tekken Mishima). The diagonal is narrower in the white actuator, but the neutral range is more effective.  Below you can compare the two actuators that are included, along with actuator installed in the popular Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Joystick.

    Actuator NEW HELPME



    Height 16.1 mm 16.1 mm 16.0 mm
    Outer 16.3 mm 16.2 mm 16.0 mm
    Inner 7.9 mm 7.9 mm 7.9 mm

    GSM-V0303A3HM Microswitch for Up Direction

    One other unique aspect of the NEW HELPME lever is its use of the Gersung GSM-V0303A3HM microswitch in the "up" direction. The down, left and right directions use the GSM-V1603A3HM microswitch. On the subject of the V16 switch, there are differences in the GSM-V1603A3HM switch in comparison to the GSM-V1623A3 model, as shown in the below chart.

    Micro switch hinge lever NEW HELPME


    Width 5.08 mm 4.35 mm
    Thickness 0.6 mm 0.5 mm
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    1. Just what I was looking for

      After trying a couple other Korean levers I finally found one that is accurate enough to play both 2d and 3d fighters with. Feels very close to a JLF but different enough to make it fun. Very little slop in the deadzone with the right amount of resistance to return to neutral without erroneous inputs. on Jan 12th 2021

    2. Feels good, just be aware of how much the pins stick out.

      the stick feels great though, I originally tried to fit it in a Qanba drone and the way the stick mounts it didn't leave room to connect the cables. So be aware of where you are mounting it. Otherwise great stick. on May 27th 2020

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