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Gersung Microswitch Pak for CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30

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  • Product Description

    Important - Manufacturing Naming and Labeling for V0303A3HM

    One anticipated question we expect from customers is the lack of "HM" labeling on the V0303A3HM microswitch. At the time of this products debut on the site, the product does not have the "HM" labeling, despite possessing the characteristics of the microswitch.  We are unsure why Gersung does not have the HM labeling and should they provide updated labeling on their microswitches, we will update our photo.

    This set of 4 Gersung brand microswitches represent the 4 directional inputs in the Crown CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30 Joystick.

    GSM-V0303A3HM Microswitch

    One unique aspect of the CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30 is its use of the GSM-V0303A3HM microswitch in the "up" direction. It consists of a .6mm thick long straight hinge - about .1mm thicker than the GSM-V1623A3.

    GSM-V1623A3HM Microswitch

    The CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30 utilizes the GSM-V1623A3HM microswitch for its down, left and right directions, complementing the single Gersung GSM-V0303A3HM microswitch in the "up" direction. On the subject of the V16 switch, there are differences in the GSM-V1623A3HM switch in comparison to the GSM-V1623A3 model, as shown in the below chart.

    Micro switch hinge lever NEW HELPME


    Width 5.08 mm 4.35 mm
    Thickness 0.6 mm 0.5 mm

    Take care to review the switch in your existing joystick should you choose to install in another joystick than the Crown CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30 Joystick.

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    1. I Bought These On Accident

      Yeah, I thought I was buying a 4-pack of Gersung A3's. That detail isn't exactly buried, but it doesn't really jump out at you, either :p. Ooops.

      Needless to say, when I found one odd-ball, gray microswitch, among three standard A3's, I was a little confused. I even thought that maybe my order had been messed up, but a quick trip to the order history resolved that.

      Long-story-short, there's one gray microswitch that is dedicated to the "up" lever (which is on the opposite side of the lever unit :P), boasting a .1ml size difference. Okay, then.

      Can I tell what kind of difference an asymmetrical microswitch setup makes? I....don't....know... I seriously, maybe feel the difference, or maybe it's in my head....? Maybe I'm not experienced enough to feel the difference.

      But beyond that, swapping these guys into my IST Knee made it go a long way towards that Fanta feel I was looking for. Microswitches work beautifully, and the click doesn't get old :). 5 Stars!
      on Mar 10th 2022

    2. Great switches

      The NHM switches are big upgrade from the standard gersung A3 switches on Feb 24th 2022

    3. Awesome switches !

      I installed these into my bit bang Korean shuriken pcb for my 309mj these feel really good very responsive. The activation is very fast very little effort .I'm not sure if it's my actuator or it is the switches but I think it's the switches because when I had my stock gersung switches in it never activated this fast .overall I love these switches they feel very smooth effortless to activate that's the type of switches I like to use on Oct 5th 2021

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