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KOWAL Flat Plate Converter

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  • Product Description

    The KOWAL Flat Plate Converter (FPC) allows players to mount many Japanese joysticks into an American or European arcade cabinet's control panel, and likewise various American or European joysticks into a Japanese arcade cabinet's control panel.  


    The KOWAL FPC's distinct feature is its compatibility with contemporary joysticks from Japan, USA, Europe and some Korean joysticks.  Rather than attempting to accommodate non-standard panels and much older joysticks, the converter plate's conflict-free hole layout keeps installation simple for most joysticks and panels available today.  Further, the compromise between the plate's shape and size is one of its most useful features.

    The KOWAL FPC's mounting holes also feature unique milled edges in the mounting holes, which allow conical head screws to install completely flush with the plate.  This creates a nice, even surface and space for mounting; adding to its compatibility with many American, European and Japanese control panels.  Those tasked to repair or replace joysticks in arcade centers, or the experienced hobbyist will find the KOWAL FPC a versatile solution. 


    Though the KOWAL Flat Plate Converter is versatile, it is not magical; it cannot convert for all configurations.  Utilizing the plate requires important considerations:

    • The arcade cabinet control panel must be compatible with the plate first, rather than the joystick.
    • The joystick you want to install must fit the enclosure you intend to mount it into.  This is especially important when trying to mount into a Fightstick or other arcade joystick case, as there is limited vertical space.
    • Some arcade cabinet control panels have physical limitations due to uncommon mounting hole layout, convex plates that are installed the other way round (Sanwa Blast City) or concave and a bit smaller in size (some Virtua Fighter panels, Hori T5 AS).
    • The control panel has to be of appropriate thickness for correct joystick shaft height. Thick wooden control panel will most likely prevent you from installing the joystick using the TOP mounting method. The situation is similar with the Japanese S-plate based control panels.

    S-Plate based control panels create a large distance if the joystick also requires an S-plate.  The flat plate cannot resolve that issue. In some cases, the control panel are designed to prevent the installation non-recommended parts.  This restriction is especially prevalent in Japanese control panels or arcade cabinets, and sometimes regardless if parts come from the same company or another company.

    While such physical limitations cannot be remedied, the KOWAL FPC still offers the most potential to install European and/or American joysticks into these panels. 


    How to Use


    Let's explore one example of using the plate as a converter using the provided diagram (below, provided by KOWAL):

    1. Sanwa Blast City has six mounting holes, but only two are threaded M4 (see diag. 1-A). This hole uses Sanwa JLF joystick without a mounting plate.
    2. Put four long M4 screw in hole on the KOWAL Flat Converter Plate for American joysticks (see diag. 2-B), then turn plate carefully - the screws cannot fall. Screw the plate to the panel using two short conical M4 screws (see diag. 2-C).
    3. Check all connections to the plate; ideally, the plate must be centered. Now mount the desired joysticks and put nuts on the M4 screws (see diag. 3-D).

    Using the KOWAL Flat Plate Converter


    The sheer amount of joystick and panel configurations make it impossible to cover all of them, nor is the KOWAL Flat Plate guaranteed to be compatible with all of them.  It is helpful to review some of the similarities and differences that exist in panels, where the flat plate converter holes are positioned to install on them, and identify some of the panels that KOWAL FPC were tested upon: 

    Seimitsu Astro City and Sanwa Blast City

    For starters, Kowal has tested the Flat Converter Plate on two popular Japanese arcade cabinets: The Seimitsu-based Astro City, and Sanwa-based Blast City.  Many Japanese panels are slight modifications of these two panels.  For example, the Taito Vewlix models after the Sanwa Blast City mounting configuration. 

    When referring to Fightsticks, the configuration is similar:

    • HORI VLX (custom but close to Astro City)
    • Hori RAP v1 (clones Astro City)
    • Hori RAP v2 (clones Blast City)
    • Qanba, MadCatz SFIVTE (clones Astro City)

    Please note that Astro City panel has several versions depending on the year of production, and whether the panel comes from Sanwa or Seimitsu.  For example, Astro City is a Sega panel, but Sega offers licenses to Sanwa and Seimitsu for construction of their panels.


    It is helpful to review the KOWAL FPC hole layout diagram (link opens new window) to see where mounting holes are positioned for many joysticks and some panels that those joysticks install.  Notice the "top" and "bottom" orientation in the diagram, as it represents the method in which is mounted into the arcade cabinet panel or Fightstick.

    Diagram of compatible joystick and mounting spaces.

    Suggested Screws

    As information becomes available, we will update this section

    Attach Sanwa JLF to Flat Plate Converter

    Remember that the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick body will attach to the outermost center holes on the Kowal FPC (see "Example" diagram and holes marked in Blue).  The JLF body itself has two holes on the left and right side, which appear in its "tabs":

    To connect the FPC it to the joystick body Kowal suggests a 20mm M4 conical screw, which is widely available in most hardware stores:

    20mm M4 Conical Screw

    Diameter of the screw must be no larger than 5mm, and no smaller than 4mm.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Perfect converter for LS-56

      Converter worked perfectly for mounting a Seimitsu LS-56 inside an Etokki Omni.

      Great fit, finish.

      Deducted 1 star because it is $11.
      on Apr 24th 2023

    2. Not compatible with Sanwa Joystick

      Not compatible with Sanwa Joysticks or American happ compatible cabinets.

      Excellent build quality, I will put away for another job.

      Also excellent template for hole marking.
      on Jan 14th 2021

    3. Good quality tout could not use.

      This flat plate is machines in great quality. Unfortunately for me it did not fit my stick so it was just unlucky for me. A good product if you don’t have a Panthera Evo. on Jan 3rd 2020

    4. Works well

      Used it with an LS 56 in a Qanba Carbon. Pretty straight forward. on Dec 5th 2017

    5. Compatible with the Hori Hayabusa Optical

      Installed into a Mad Catz TE2+. Just be sure to have screws to fit the plate with your stick. on Sep 2nd 2017

    6. Happ to Seimitsu

      Worked great for mounting a Seimitsu LS-56 where a Happ competition stick was. on Jul 7th 2017

    7. Works on a Myoungshin Fanta

      It allowed me to mount a Myoungshin Fanta on to a Madcatz TE Round 2 after cutting a larger hole in the Madcatz. The Kowal plate requires no modification to do so. on Nov 3rd 2016

    8. Useful for those who prefer seimitsu.

      I have used this plate to change from Sanwa to Seimitsu joysticks in a Sega New Astro City cabinet and a hori diamond vlx arcade stick. on Oct 6th 2016

    9. Grest flat plate converter!

      I was able to succesfully connect it to my joystick. Recommended! on Mar 23rd 2016

    10. Used to install Sanwa JLW joystick into Qanba Q1 fightstick case

      I purchased this because the mounting plate for the Sanwa JLW joystick does not have holes that line up with those on the Qanba Q1 top panel. This got the job done for me. One corner of the plate touches a plastic support cylinder that is molded into the case, but it did not prevent me from mounting the stick. on Aug 6th 2015

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