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LayerShift Screw Button Wrench for Crown SDB-30 - Orange

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  • Product Description

    Please Note

    Only one (1) LayerShift screwbutton wrench is needed for tightening.  You do not need to purchase a wrench for each button.

    With a simple twist or few, the LayerShift Screw Button Wrench provides a solution for sore fingers that desperately try to secure a screwbutton nut firmly in the tightest of spaces.

    Solving with a Twist

    A screwbutton's main characteristic is its plastic nut, which when twisted clockwise, rises upward towards the button rim. Optimally, you will twist the nut as far as it can go until it cannot twist any more.  This ensures a tight, wiggle free contact between the button and the wood or metal panel it is install onto.

    Often this is done manually, using your fingers to rotate the nut until it secures to the wood or metal control panel.  However, some button layouts do not make this physically possible, as the gaps between buttons do not accomodate one's fingers after a certain height. Players are left with buttons slightly loose, or give up installing them.

    LayerShift's wrench aims to close that gap with a 3D printed wrench.  At the top is a large hexagonal shape that accomodate your fingers.  The bottom mimics each popular brand's screwbutton nut shape, while having a minimal thickness to fit in most gaps. Twisting slightly to line up the bottom with the screw but, then pressing down grips the nut.  You can now twist the nut into place.  

    Color Coded

    Each model of LayerShift screwbutton wrench has a distinct color to represent both the brand it's designed for and the size of button:

    Ξ Red: Sanwa 30mm | OBSN-30 Screwbutton

    Ξ Pink: Sanwa 24mm | OBSN-24 Screwbutton

    Ξ Marine Blue: Seimitsu 30mm | PS-14-GN ScrewbuttonPS-14-GN-C ScrewbuttonPS-14-GN-KN ScrewbuttonPS-14-KN Screwbutton

    Ξ Blue: Seimitsu 24mm | PS-14-DN ScrewbuttonPS-14-DN-C Screwbutton

    Ξ Orange: Crown 30mm | 201 Futaba202 MX

    Ξ Yellow: Crown 24mm | 202 MX

    Ξ Black: GamerFinger | HBFS-30mm

    Ξ Grey/Dark Hai: GamerFinger | HBFS-24mm

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    1. A must-have if you plan on installing crown screw-ins

      Do yourself a favor and pick one of these up if you're planning on buying crown screw-ins. While it isn't impossible to screw in these buttons without one (which is what I had to do when I first bought crown screw-ins), it's a lot less inconvenient to screw the buttons in with this. Without this wrench, you're going to have to squeeze your fingers in-between other already screwed in buttons and tighten them in slowly, little by little. on Sep 26th 2021

    2. A modder's best friend

      If you're modding your fight stick, you NEED to have the LayerShift button wrenches. Safe, reliable, and FAST! on Aug 24th 2020

    3. If you have Crown Screw-in buttons, get this too.

      This would save the tips of your fingers from being tortured while trying to secure the buttons in place. on Jun 18th 2020

    4. indispensable

      this thing is a godsend - especially if you're using screw ins for the obsidian. it's so much easier to make sure everything's tightened properly using this than trying to hand tighten everything.

      i once went to a local tournament with crown 202s in my obsidian and three of the buttons had managed to loosen in transit. i had to borrow a screwdriver to open my stick up and retighten them, only for them to loosen again by the time i had gotten home. with this wrench i haven't had an issue.
      on Dec 16th 2019

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    • Layer Shift Screw Button Wrench
      #fightstick #tools #arcadestick Preview of the Layer Shift Sc...

    Layer Shift Screw Button Wrench

    #fightstick #tools #arcadestick Preview of the Layer Shift Screw Button Wrench in action installing Crown Screw-In Buttons. Captured live from: JxKDesigns Merch & Services: — Follow Me: Join our Discord: — Current Streaming Gear: El Gato HD60 Capture Card: Logitech C920 Webcams: Webcam Mount (Top Angle): Blue Snowball Condenser Mic: Microphone Arm: Streaming Software: $10 Green Screen: Gaming Monitor: -- Watch live at
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