LS/DP/RS & Lockout Bundle (for Brook PCB)

Bundle: LS/DP/RS & Lockout (for Brook PCB)


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  • Product Description

    The LS/DP/RS & Lockout Bundle is designed to offer the fundamental harnesses and wiring you need to to include a LS/DP/RS switch or Tournament Lockout switch to your DIY case. These items will fit into two extra Neutrik sized ports on a Fightstick, either inside or outside of the case. Often you will find these extra Neutrik ports on the back of the AllFightSticks 14" Body - Black 3-3n-3 - the "3n" representing three Neutrik-style ports. These will connect to specific ports on a Brook Fighting Board PCB, or a similar fighting board with DP/LS/RS connector and ground terminal block.

    What's Included?

    Here's what's included with the LS/DP/RS & Lockout Bundle:

    • 1 x Tournament Lockout Harness
      This wiring harness combination provided here will complete the ground from the Brook device, and the SPDT switch either connects or disconnects the ground. When disconnected, the option button input signal cannot complete, and therefore does not register as an input on the Brook device.  This prevents an accidental press of an option button.

      The 10-connection .110" daily chain harness connects one .110" terminal end to the SPDT switch, and the other terminals to each option button. This allows you to wire up to six or seven option buttons, depending on spacing between each button. The secondary harness with a single .110" terminal will also connect to the SPDT switch, and its opposite bare end will attach to a ground terminal on the Brook Fighting Board PCB.

    • 1 x DP/LS/RS Switch Harness
      DP is "D-Pad".  This is the common mode you will use for most arcade style games.  You will almost always have this mode set when playing fighting game titles.  LS represents "Left Stick".  Some games will not make use of the D-Pad and instead require you to control using the left-stick. RS, or "Right Stick" is rarely if ever used for sole control, but functions in the same manner as LS for the right analog stick. 

      This harness allows you to connect a DPDT (Double Pole Double ThrowLink opens in new window 3-way rocker switch to a Brook PCBs 4-pin male connector, enabling you to switch between these modes. This will attach to a male 4-pin DP/LS/RS header on common Brook PCBs.

    • 1 x Mini Round 2-Pin SPDT ON-OFF Rocker Switch - Black
      The Mini Round 2-Pin SPDT ON-OFF Rocker Switch is designed as a Single Pole Double Throw Link opens in new window.  This means it has one input (the switch itself) and two outputs.  This is commonly used as an "on/off" function. You will connect this to the Tournament Lockout Harness.

    • 1 x Mini Round 3-Pin SPDT ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch - Black
      The Mini Round 3-Pin SPDT ON-OFF Rocker Switch is designed as a Single Pole Double Throw Link opens in new window.  This means it has one input (the switch itself) and two outputs.  This is commonly used as an "on/off" function. In this case, there are two "on" functions, and one "off" function.  You attach the DP/LS/RS Switch Harness to the 3-way rocker switch, and the harnesses' female connector to a Brook Fighting Board's 4-pin male connector labeled DP/LS/RS. This enables you to switch between the modes DP, LS, and RS.  

    • 2 x Black Matte Aluminum Faceplate for SPDT Switch
      These metal faceplates attaches to the back of an AllFightSticks steel enclosure, using one or more of its three available Neutrik ports. When wired to most Brook control PCBs, the SPDT switch can be used as a convenient tournament lockout feature, or allow for Left Stick, Right Stick, or digital pad control.

    • 2x Screws for SPDT Faceplate - Black
      These 4-40, 3/8" (9.25mm) long pan head screws are for use with the Black Matte Aluminum Faceplate for SPDT Switch. These are accompanied with black Neutrik nut (qty 4) and Neutrik lock washer (qty 4). Use the screws, lock washer and nut combo to keep the SPDT faceplate in place on the extra Neutrik ports of your Fightstick case. 

    Internal and External Installation with AllFightstick Steel Enclosures

    The acrylic faceplate allows you to install the 20mm SPDT switch either internally or externally on an AllFightsticks enclosure.  You will remove the existing 4-40 screws installed into the AFS's neutrik ports in back of the case, then replace them with the pan head screws. You can utilize the nuts and washers that came with the neutrik ports.

    SPDT screw dimensions and specifications Keep nut and washer to use with SPDT pan head screw when installing SPDT adapter plate. Photo courtesy All FightSticks
    Internal installation (Acrylic faceplate for SPDT switch required). Photo courtesy All FightSticks External installation with Buttercade Neutrik Surround and Support (Acrylic faceplate for SPDT switch required))


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