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New LS-32 Microswitch Base (2017 Model)


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    The New LS-32 Microswitch base installs into the bottom housing of the Seimitsu New LS-32 Joystick Lever (2017) Model, and supports either the microswitch PCB housing in the LS-32-01 model, or individual microswitches of the LS-32 series.  It is compatible with the New Seimitsu LS-32-01 Joystick (2017 Model)New LS-32 .187" Fastener Joystick with RE Plate (2017 Model)New Seimitsu LS-32-01-SC Joystick (2017 Model), and New LS-32-SC-K .187" Fastener Joystick with RE Plate (2017 Model). Please note that you intend to install the New Seimitsu LS-32 PCB Assembly into an pre-2017 LS-32 or LS-32-01 model, you must purchase this microswitch base, as the original microswitch base is incompatible.

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    1. Perfect classic LS-32 drop-in replacement, Zippyy upgraders beware!

      I had 2 LS-32 joysticks I wanted to upgrade with the new LS-32 microswitch substrate... Actually, <Heh Heh>, they were Zippyy (cocktail, short shaft) clones!

      Anyhow, all the LS-32 parts fit on the Zippyy (short cocktail model) shaft perfectly. (Well, I didn't replace the Zippyy pivot because the pivot cavity is different on the Zippyy base than the LS-32 base. I think the pivot piece on the LS-32 is slightly bigger AND the LS-32 pivot cavity has grooves to hold grease in.) I replaced all other parts on the Zippyy shaft -- that includes the spring holders and LS-32 springs I bought from Focus Attack, my favored neighborhood arcade parts store! (Well, I live in a neighboring state but Philly's close enough!)
      The problem comes with the screws supplied with the Zippyy clone. The Zippyy base is a NEAR-perfect LS-32 clone BUT the screws it ships with have different thread pitches and are generally shorter than the Seimitsu LS-32 screws.
      Don't get me wrong -- the revised LS-32 baseplate screws on PERFECTLY onto the Zippyy base with the Zippyy BASE screws. The problems comes with the screws that hold on the restrictor gates of the Zippyy!
      Zippyy restrictor gates are IDENTICAL to Seimitsu main gates and the general subgates but they also use different screws with different screws. The main gate screws (of the Zippyy main restrictor gate) I saw worked PERFECTLY so long as you're wary of the threaded area of the new LS-32 baseplate.
      Yes, the new LS-32 baseplate has threads in two screw positions (where the original baseplate NEVER had them) -- and they're INCOMPATIBLE with the Zippyy screws that hold on the Zippyy subgate (the restrictor gate with 4-way and 2-way directional guides)! I just about STRIPPED my Zippyy subguide screws trying to secure the subguide onto the revised LS-32 baseplate. I ultimately had to use pliers with teeth to grab the heads of those screws and rotate them out! Fortunately, I WAS able to get the screws out and one subguide screw is still useable. The head of the other screw may be too stripped to screw in!
      The original baseplate of the LS-32 never gave me no problems with the Zippyy screws BUT it also didn't have those restrictor subgate thread guides built into the baseplate, either! You could in fact swap Zippyy and Seimitsu baseplates with no issues so long as you didn't swap screws between the 2 brands! IE, you have to use the provided screws with the proper joystick base. That's an annoying reality you have to remain wary of.
      So, to retain that Zippyy subguide, you either have to cannibalize another LS-32 base for the right subguide screws, OR take your new, revised LS-32 baseplate WITH the right LS-32 screws to your local hardware stores (Ace or Tru Value Hardware -- don't bother with Lowes or Home Depot because they NEVER have the specialized joystick base screws in stock!) and look for the right screws. <SIGH> Yes, it's test-fitting time!
      I'm about 80-85% sure you can find the right subguide screws at Ace or Tru Value Hardware. I found JLF base screws (the small ones that STRIP EASILY; the replacement screws I found used higher quality, stronger metal than the stock screws!) at a local Tru Value Hardware over 10 years ago!
      Well, I'm going on a hardware hunting expedition tomorrow!
      on Nov 18th 2022