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New Seimitsu 2017 LS-32, LS-40 .187 Fastener Microswitch

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    The LS-32/40 .187 fastener microswitch replaces the existing switch found in the New LS-32 .187" Fastener Joystick with RE Plate (2017 Model)New LS-32-SC-K .187" Fastener Joystick with RE Plate (2017 Model) and Seimitsu LS-40 Joystick (.187 Fastener Type) with RE Plate

    What is the New LS-32, and Why does it Exist? 

    New 2017 Omron microswitchOriginally labeled the LS-300 when introduced at 2017 Japan Arcade Expo (JAEPO), Seimitsu changed the name to "New LS-32" in order to properly represent the minor update to its lever microswitch.  This is not a functional upgrade, but rather designed to address an unexpected development in the industry.  Earlier in the year Panasonic suddenly announced they would no longer manufacture the microswitches used in the Seimitsu LS-32 series joystick lever.  This not only affects this model, but eventually the entire line of Seimitsu products that utilize their brand of microswitch.  

    Faced with this challenge, Seimitsu went to work on an alternative, collaborating with respected microswitch brand Omron to develop a replacement model.  Their goal was to replicate the feel of their original Panasonic microswitch, which fans have grown to known and enjoy.  After many months of testing, including sample models at FA with thanks to SRK's PresidentCamacho - an ardent technical fan of the Seimitsu line - this new model is now available.

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    1. Warning about fitment in the LS-40

      This is a high quality switch that matches the performance of the Panasonic switch it replaces. However, its design has a couple of minor differences that LS-40 owners should be aware of before purchasing.

      This switch does not fit the LS-40 without minor modifications. The lower .187" quick disconnect tab is in a different location from the original switch's, requiring you to shave off a little bit of plastic on the perimeter of the base plate for clearance. This plastic is unnecessary anyway and is absent on the base plate of the LS-32. It can be removed with an x-acto knife or box cutter.

      You may need to slightly bend the lever of the switch as well. The LS-40 has a naturally smaller dead zone than the LS-32, and this switch has a steeper angle on the lever, reducing the size of the dead zone. In an LS-32, this makes it quicker to respond. In the LS-40, it can actually make the dead zone too small and not allow the switch to consistently disengage when returning to center.
      on Oct 16th 2020

    2. Feel like the original

      I really like these, they are highly responsive and feel identical to the original as far as I can tell. on Oct 6th 2020

    3. Softer + Shorter Engage than Gersung A3

      I like these a lot! the curved fastener + shorter engage completely eliminated dead spots on my crown 309, but wasn't compatible due to the large actuator. I ended up swapping the curved fasteners with the stock A3 (straight ones) which paired up nicely with the medium tension grommet. on Mar 14th 2018

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