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Seimitsu New LS-32 PCB Assembly (2017 Model)

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    Though quite durable, often the control PCB is the first to go out on a Seimitsu LS model after a few years.  You can restore your New LS-32-01 (2017 Model) with the Seimitsu LS-32 PCB assembly.  This replaces the entire set of four microswitches, and housed in very easy to install PCB module.

    Compatible with the New Seimitsu LS-32-01 (2017 Model)

    By default, this microswitch assembly is compatible with the New Seimitsu LS-32-01 Joystick (2017 Model) and New Seimitsu LS-32-01-SC Joystick (2017 Model). That said, it will install into original Seimitsu LS-32-01 or 32-01-SC, but you must use the New LS-32 Microswitch Base (2017 Model), as the PCB assembly design is different.


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    1. I was skeptical about the new substrate BUT Omron and Seimitsu kept the old style LS-32 feel!

      I was dismayed to read that Panasonic/Matsushita had stopped making microswitches for the Seimitsu joystick lever line. This most immediately impacted the most popular Seimitsu LS-32 and LS-40 lines since they used the same microswitches.
      Omron I was familiar from the fact that they manufacture microswitches for both the Hori Hayabusa and Sanwa JLF joystick levers. How they would manage to capture and retain the feel of the LS-32 microswitches was a big question mark for me at least. When you change vendors and parts, things tend to change -- generally to a much different feel, and, in many cases, worse end product for the user.
      Congratulations, Omron! You convinced this skeptic that you managed to keep that old LS-32 feel with new microswitches. The NEW LS-32 substrate performs just as well as the old one did and it REALLY, REALLY doesn't feel any different, either!
      The substrate slips smoothly onto the traditional LS-32 based and kept on by a new design baseplate cover that's secured by the screws that held on the original baseplate design.
      So, if you have the old style LS-32 substrate malfunctioning and you need to refresh your joystick's microswitches, don't hesitate to buy the new substrate for the existing LS-32 lever you own. Sure, you'll have to buy a new baseplate, too, but you also won't have to throw away perfectly good existing hardware!
      I have made notes in another review about the LS-32's redesigned baseplate in case you're upgrading a Clone (re: Zippyy) LS-32 joystick. The issues with the baseplate redesign DO NOT affect Legacy LS-32's so long as you reuse the screws Seimitsu installed on the Legacy LS-32 lever; they only impact Zippyy upgrades. Zippyy joystick levers use screws that have different sizes (generally shorter) and have incompatible threading on the screws.
      on Nov 19th 2022