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Samducksa Bubinga Wood 30mm Battop

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    Bubinga Wood TextureBubinga, or Kevazingo as also commonly known, has a quirky name, but also a rich history.

    With an appearance similar to Rosewood especially when polished, the Bubinga originates in Africa as a hardwood.  It is categorized as a very durable wood with a unique, striking grain pattern.  Samducksa has fashioned this into a battop for those who appreciate the aesthetics of woodgrain accessories.

    Fits Crown Levers with Detachable Accessory

    These accessories are designed to fit Crown's newer joystick levers that allow you to remove the existing battop from its shaft, such as:

    Wide Compatibility with Sanwa and Seimitsu Joystick Levers, Crown Conversion Shaft

    One notable feature of these accessories is its compatibility with the M6 threading found in SanwaSeimitsu, and Hori Hayabusa joystick levers.  Additionally, you can use the Crown JLF Conversion Shaft to install them onto Crown 303, 307 and 309 models. Other unlisted joystick models that accept the Sanwa threading will also work.

    Compatible with Samducksa SDL models with removable battop. Install on CWL 303, 307 and 309 series with Crown JLF Conversion Shaft Also compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu Levers, Sanwa threaded shafts.

    Available in 24mm Mini Bat and 30mm Bat

    Also unique in Samducksa's offering is a smaller 24mm battop, along with the standard size 30mm battop. 

    Comparison between 24mm and 30mm battop

    Thanks to the Wood Database for information about Bubinga Wood 

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    1. Beautiful

      Fits my hand perfectly, and is just stunning to look at. I can't wait to see how the wood ages with use. on Jan 25th 2021

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