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SANWA JLX-TPML-8YT-SK Adjustable Silent Leaf Microswitch Joystick

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  • Product Description

    The Sanwa TPML-8YT-SK represents a first in mechanical input tech from the company, with a a five point adjustable setting directly on the microswitch. This allows you to modify the engagement speed to your preference for each direction. The TPML is also a silent operator, using  specialized Sanwa MLS-57AU leaf microswitches.


    • Five point adjustable setting directly on the microswitch.
    • Modify the engagement speed for each direction to your preference.
    • MLS-57AU leaf microswitch is mostly silent.

    Sanwa JLX-TPML-8YT-SK. adjustment guide

    Unmatched Accuracy: New Material Construction, Pivot, Spring Seat Washer, P-W Actuator 

    The Sanwa JLX has achieved high-precision molding and improved input accuracy by changing the material of the component parts. Please review below some of the technical improvements over the JLF:

    • LX-P-2 M base material changed from nylon to POM (polyacetal resin). It is less susceptible to environmental influences such as temperature and humidity.
    • By increasing the thickness of the washer for the M base, rattling of the washer during operation is reduced.
    • Adjusted the shape inside the M base where the bearing fits. Less rattling of the bearing than before.
    • Changed bearing material from POM to nylon. Abrasion resistance and sliding against the M base are enhanced.
    • The material of the micro printed circuit board is changed from paper phenol to CEM-3. It is less likely to warp than paper phenol and has improved durability.

    The Sanwa JLF P-W Actuator from the brands' JL-C line rounds out the list of improvements in the JLX. The JLF P-W Actuator is 16.2mm wide at the base - just over .4mm wider than the original Sanwa JLF actuator at 15.8mm. This is the same actuator used in the silent JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK. It has higher dimensional stability in molding than the conventional black actuator and reduces variations in input accuracy. It is also it is about 0.12mm thicker (0.24mm in diameter) than the black actuator, but it was adopted because of its good usability by location tests and e-sports gamers.

    Actuator Specs

    Below is a visual of available actuators for Sanwa JLF. The original JLF actuator has a 15.8mm diameter. Following this are actuators of increasing diameter. Use this to experiment with your preferred engagement sensitivity.

    Sanwa JL-C-ALL: Explanation of Actuators

    GT-8X Restrictor Plate

    Sanwa introduced the GT-8X restrictor plate with its line of JL-C performance mods. This gate is now the default in the JLX. This plate is compatible with the GTN series of lever guide tips/inserts:

    Guide Tips

    Guide Tips are inserts for the Sanwa GT-8F 4/8-Way Restrictor Plate that comes with your JLF. Each guide is color-coded and designed to provide a unique enhancement to lever travel, from the tried-and-true octagonal control of the yellow GTN-Y to the hybrid rounded square of the GTN-B.

    Sanwa JLF-C-ALL: Explanation of Guide Tips

    Wide Compatibility with Prior Sanwa accessories 

    While the JLX is a marked departure from its previous model, many of the accessories, such as balltop and battops that use the M6 threading, still work with Sanwa's newest hardware. This is great news for most players who invested in Sanwa's lever ecosystem. However, guide-tips/inserts that were compatible with the JLF may not work with the GT-8X restrictor plate. Some of the newer accessories and performance mods include:

    The Anatomy of JLX and Compatibility Notes

    Sanwa JLX-TP-8Y components and compatibility with JLF

    Certain components that comprise the JLX are compatible with the original JLF-TP-8YT.  However, some are not. It's important to know this before purchasing individual parts in an attempt to upgrade the JLF.  It is recommended that you do not perform this, as the mix of different materials may lead to a degraded experience.

    • #1 LB-35 sold separately.
    • #3 JLX-P-4: JLX dedicated bearing (Incompatible with JLF-P-4)
    • #4 JLX-P-2: M base dedicated to JLX (Incompatible with JLF-P-2)
    • #5 JLX-MW: Washer for JLX M base (Incompatible with JLF-MW)
    • #11 XTP-MA: Printed circuit board with JLX micro (Compatible with JLF)
    • JLF-P-W and GT-8X are compatible with JLF and are already on sale as custom parts for JLF.
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    1. Silent as described

      If you are looking for a stick that is almost completely silent, the only noise being from the restrictor or slap of the stick on the side of the arcade stick housing, this thing will meet your needs.

      It takes some getting used to, however, as from my experience I have needed to get used to no longer hearing the click of the switches.
      on Jan 8th 2024

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