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Seimitsu SELS-70X-F (.187" Fastener Type) Joystick with MS Plate

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    Seimitsu has taken a page from its celebrated Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01 Pro Edition Joystick and Seimitsu NT NOBI Quick Release Replacement Shaft to develop a compact and refined evolution of the Seimitsu LS-56-SC-K (.187" Fastener Type) Joystick with MS Plate

    Nobi Inspiration

    Courtesy Robert Paul,
    Nakayama 'Nobi' Daichi
    Courtesy Robert Paul, Link opens new window/tab

    Team Yamasa's Nakayama 'Nobi' Daichi -  a WCG 2011 Tekken 6 Champion, 2015 EVO Champion for Tekken 7, and 2015 King of Iron Fist Tournament Champion - is considered one of the strongest Tekken Dragunov players from Japan.  For the Seimitsu teamed up with Nobi to develop a Tekken specialized joystick lever that was quite unique in both look and feel - the Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01 Pro Edition Joystick.

    The SELS-70X has the following characteristics inspired by the LSX-NOBI-01, plus some unique ones for its size

    • Utilizes the Seimitsu NT NOBI Quick Release Replacement Shaft, allowing you to store the balltop/battop + shaft separately.
    • Non-rotate mechanism, similar to LSX-NOBI
    • Plating MS base, compatible with Sanwa mounts
    • Dedicated spring (20% + from LS-56)
    • Dedicated special octagonal guide

    Compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu balltops, battops, and bulletops

    Seimitsu's NT Shaft sticks with the traditional compatibility of its M6 threading, allowing it to work with the myriad of options across Sanwa, Seimitsu, KDiT and other lever handle accessories.

    MS Plate installed. VF, P=40 Flat and SS Plates Available

    The Seimitsu SELS-7X joystick comes with the MS plate, which is often used in Sanwa compatible mounts.  We also carry plus the flat VF, SS P=40 plate.  The P=40 is considered one of Seimitsu's most versatile plates.  The P-40 plate mounts on practically any "universal" mounting spot (HRAP 3 SA/SE or HRAP V3/VX SA) as well as seemingly "JLF-only" HRAP 3's and licensed HRAP's like the Arcana Heart 2 joystick (Thanks to SRK's GeorgeC for the explanation).

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    1. Pro's and Con's

      I like the non rotating shaft, shaft height and over all size.

      But I'am not a fan of the spring and gate on this. I'm fan of JLX spring tension and normal square gate.

      I would assume if you're a fan of the LS-56 this lever will be for you.
      on Apr 25th 2024

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