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D44X 75g .187" Microswitch

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    Cherry is now rebranded to ZF. The ZF switch is supposed to remain the same construction and characteristics as Cherry D44x, only new branding on the physical microswitch.  Our inventory may contain a mix of the two brands over the next few months and we are not separating them.  We will not honor requests to send only Cherry switches, nor return requests to swap for Cherry.  If you want Cherry-brand microswitches, please find another retail store that might have those older units on hand, as they are no longer manufactured. More information new-window-icon.png

    D44X 75g microswitch harkens back to the day of older arcade cabinet controls, and are considered highly desirable for the nostalgic feel of those cabinets.  Today, the 75g actuation force gives it a noticable feedback during play, in additon to a soft but audible click.  

    Actuation Force

    Actuation force refers to how much force it takes to actuate the switch. For example, 125 grams takes noticably more force to actuate, versus 75 grams or 50 grams.  This may work to your preferences and playstyle. At 75g, the acutation is light and responsive.

    .187" Connector Size for Joystick and Pushbutton

    The .187" connector is often used with joysticks from Suzo Happ and Industrias Lorenzo.  It is uncommon for modern imported joysticks, such as the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick, but can be used in joysticks that are able to accept it as a separate install, such as Hori Hayabusa Joystick.

    You can also use them as an alternative switch to arcade pushbuttons that utilize a .187" microswitch, such as long barrel types produced by Suzo Happ.

    Operation Specs

    • Pre-Travel - 1.2mm MAX
    • Overtravel - 1.3mm MIN
    • Movement Diff - 0.3mm MAX
    • Operating Force - 75cN MAX
    • Release Force - 22cN MIN
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    1. CHERRY = Best Microswitch I Ever Used !!!

      Top Quality Microswitch..Very Reliable and Accurate..Best Microswitch I ever used..Will not use anything but Cherry Brand Microswitch .... on Jun 22nd 2017

    2. There's nothing sweeter than Cherry

      This was a great upgrade to breathe new life into my old arcade stick. The buttons are now perfectly responsive and audible. No more dropped combos! on Jan 21st 2017

    3. Impressive!

      This microswitch is perfect for those who want the nice feel of an American button while also being much more responsive than the standard e-switch. Great for games that require heavy action such as beat'em ups, fighting games, ans shmups. Personally I recommend the cherry microswitch with IL concave or competition long stem buttons for a combination of feeling and responsiveness. on May 25th 2016

    4. Nothing beats the click of a Cherry Switch!

      Cherry Switches are the best switches out on the market! Nothing beats the "click" sound of a Cherry Switch. on May 10th 2016

    5. Can Be Drop In Replacement For iCade Arcade Cabinet Button

      I used these to replacement default microswitches in my ion iCade cabinet. Nice upgrade over the original switches, with better action. Cheap upgrade for a better iCade gaming experience. on Apr 19th 2016

    6. cherry microswitch

      i use the cherry switch with the suzo happ buttons, so far, works perfect on Apr 7th 2016

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    • ION iCade Microswitches vs cherry replacements
      I've swapped out two of the eight original microswitches with ...

    ION iCade Microswitches vs cherry replacements

    I've swapped out two of the eight original microswitches with two cherry switches. Not so noisy now but will be much better with the new leaf switches.
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