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Gersung GSM-V1623A3 .187" Microswitch (4-Pak)

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    The Gersung GSM-V1623A3 replaces the existing switches found in the Crown/Samducksa Korean joystick, such as the 309 Series, additionally the older model 307-FK, 303-FK and 303-N.  The switch uses a .187 quick disconnect for operation, and features a long straight hinge lever.  Take care to review the switch in your existing joystick should you choose to install in another joystick than the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Joystick or Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Joystick.

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    1. Awesome microswitches

      So much better than the A2s. Diagonals are easier to hit. So if you are purchasing a lever with A2s, I`d recommend to pack A3s as well, most likely you`ll have a better experience. on Oct 28th 2019

    2. Upgrade from A2

      Make sure you purchase a set of these switches if using K levers on Oct 21st 2019

    3. Much better than A2 switches

      Quick easy mod and really helps me hit diagonals. I don't know how well this stacks compared to the omron microswitches, but these are a definite upgrade when compared to the A2 switches. Get them if you don't already have them. on Sep 10th 2019

    4. Get these

      These are significantly better than the A2 microswitches. Way more responsive and makes diagonals on korean levers easier to hit. on Aug 31st 2019

    5. I dont think I have to say much but...

      If you have a joystick that uses this switch type, just get these. Seriously.
      I heard about these from Reddit, got them to replace the A2's in my myoungshin and low/behold, they are crazy good for Tekken.
      on Jul 5th 2019

    6. Great Performance

      I replaced these with the A2s and they perform so much better. on Apr 25th 2019

    7. I put them in my OTTO V5 kit.

      I took the levers off and popped them in my OTTO V5 kit with a 2LB spring and a octo gate/battop, it has to be the smoothest most accurate and responsive joystick I've ever used. on Mar 30th 2019

    8. A3 much better than A2!

      I had issues with the A2 Gersung, the A3 are much more responsive in my opinion. (I had a couple of friends switch to this if they had A2, and they agree with me, A2 was giving us issues)
      I have about 1000 hours at its still solid
      on Jul 26th 2018

    9. Much better than the a2s

      My switches were worn out so i decided to try these in my fanta and they are all around better, smoother, and hitting diagonals was much easier. on Jun 13th 2018

    10. Much Better than the A2's

      Easily replaced my Fanta's A2's with these and I feel they are much better crafted as well. Definitely give these guys a shot if you need to switch out your switches. on Feb 21st 2018

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