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Neutrik NAUSB-W A/B USB Feed-Through - Silver

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    The Neutrik NAUSB-W A/B USB Feed-Through is an essential component for your DIY joystick or multi-console PCB modifications.  The A/B adapter allows you to put a USB port outside of your case, attaching a USB cord to the console through one side, and a USB forwarding cable to your main PCB. Best of all, the USB "A" and USB "B" sides are reversible.  This means that you can choose which port is on the inside or outside of the case.

    Neutrik NAUSB Dimensions, Screws included free of charge

    The NAUSB doesn't usually come with mounting screws from the manufacturer.  Now, with every Neutrik USB purchase you will receive 4-40 Machine Screw and 4-40 Nut (Set of 2) free of charge Use them to install your NAUSB into a wood or plastic case.  For those looking to fit this component into their joystick, please refer to the schematic drawing:

    NAUSB Schematic Drawing

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    1. Neutrik

      Easy to hook up and install. Must have for a stick. Super fast shipping!!! on Dec 9th 2020

    2. Proper for custom sticks

      For use with any custom fightstick body and optimal if you prefer a to b or a to a usb cables on Dec 10th 2019

    3. pretty straight-forward

      i had worn out my previous feed through by tripping over the usb cable with it plugged in a few too many times. solid product, first one survived more abuse than i expected it to. basically, if you need a feed-through for your fightstick, you're not going to find a better option. on Jul 17th 2018

    4. Very Nice

      This is surprisingly convenient for your fightstick, assuming you don't mind dremeling in a new, larger hole for your commercial fightstick. Otherwise its no problem if you own a custom case. The only thing that's kinda inconvenient is that you have to switch around the ports in a majority of cases (why Neutrik went with this design choice is beyond me). Other than that, its a great little item and I highly recommend it, especially if you own a Brook fight board. on Aug 7th 2017

    5. Nice product, but needs a back picture

      ** Update by FA ** Please see this article on how to reverse the USB B Female to the front.

      I got this to use it on a mod, but the other side of it is a USB type B female, which means that you need a USB B to B male on both sides to use it with a Brooks universal PCB (or put the USB pins on it).
      on Nov 14th 2016

    6. Perfect

      Works Great. Would have been helpful to have schematics in english, with better indications of size. on May 23rd 2016

  • Product Videos

      Its been a while since my last upload. Here is a Hugo stick I ...


    Its been a while since my last upload. Here is a Hugo stick I decided to build on the release of 3sOE. I never took a liking to this character but after watching some high level play of him I began to really like him and has since become my main in 3s. I just hope he is just as bad ass in SFxTekken. This hasn't been wired up yet as I don't have any Paewang pcbs to put in it as they have been on back order for a long time now. Cant seem to get hold of any. I have been promised they should be hitting the UK shores middle of November so hopefully I can get all my orders (which are clogging up my office) finished and sent out. This is open to offers and will be in trading outlet soon. - Custom painted hardwood case with stainless steel coach bolts fitted to sides. - 3mm plexi with thick steel panel for the main control panel and brushed stainless panel for the underside. - Sanwa JLF stick with Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons all round - Hole for Neutrik NAUSB or RJ45 pass thru - The monstrous chain is purely for display purposes only and can be removed easily Excuse the dust particles everywhere...
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