New CPT Rules and the State of SOCD

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On Wednesday, March 29, Capcom announced new leverless controller policies for potential entrants to Capcom Pro Tour.  They stated that all devices must adhere to the following control scheme: If Up + Down buttons are pressed, the resulting output should be "Neutral". This means no direction is registered. 

FA SO.CD Cleaner for All Button Control

Our product,  FA SO.CD Cleaner for All-Button Control was designed as a low-cost and lag-free solution for commercial fightsticks that did not possess SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction) cleaning. To do this, the hardware uses simple logic gates to achieve what was considered a tournament accepted convention over the past decade: Up + Down = Up. This means that the logic is hard-coded into the PCB.

We recognize that the Capcom Pro Tour ruleset may now become the new standard for all global tournaments going forward. The FA SO.CD device remains functional, but due to its hardware makeup, cannot be updated with firmware. 

What Can FA Do for Me?

Customers that have purchased the FA SO.CD within 1 year - March 30, 2022 to March 30, 2023, either option bundled with our conversion panels or separately - can contact us for a store credit of $12.95. The is the cost of the unit. Guest customers can register at our website for free - we can then add the store credit. You can use that towards the purchase of a compliant SOCD device. 

This reconciliation will expire on December 31st, 2023 at 11:59pm EST. After that, we will accept no more claims for store credit.

What Devices are Compliant with CPT?

BBG Magicians V2

Magicians V2 Programmable SOCD Cleaner

The Bit Bang Gaming  Magicians V2 Programmable SOCD Cleaner is a versatile PCB that offers programmable SOCD input. You can download a mobile app and use one of 25 available SOCD cleaning input states, including UP + DOWN = NEUTRAL. Further, the device is compatible with our line of Power Passthrough Harnesses, currently for Hori and Razer Panthera, with more Fightsticks on the way. 

Purchase here

Brook Fighting Board

The following Brook devices have recently received firmware updates:

Get the latest firmware

This will allow you to set the controller SOCD output to CPT-compliant "Tournament" SOCD cleaning. 

Brook Firmware Tournament Mode

What Happens to the FA SO.CD?

We are working with our designer on a hardware revision for our existing stock.  Those units are currently dedicated towards our Discount Conversion Bundles. We're not offering exchanges for hardware, due to higher costs than refunding the older revision units. 

If you have any questions about your order status, you can send a note to


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