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Crown JLF Conversion Shaft

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    The Crown 309 Series is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the unique feel of an authentic Korean joystick.  However, the accessories available to these joysticks are extremely limited.  The 309's battop is permanently attached to the joystick, which means that you can't swap it with another color, or even a balltop.  This is a stark contrast to Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks, whose 35mm balltops and battops are interchangeable.

    Now, you can enjoy the incredible variety of Sanwa, Seimitsu, and JLF compatible accessories with the Crown JLF Conversion Shaft.   The Crown JLF Conversion Shaft replaces the default Crown 309-MJ joystick shaft and battop.

    The Crown JLF Conversion Shaft features a 3mm hollow body.  This allows you to wire a joystick LED for spectacular light effects.  The shaft height is approximately 79mm - sized to mimic the clearance space from joystick base to JLF style accessory.  The diameter is the same as the original Crown shaft, keeping the same throw distance intact.     

    The Crown conversion shaft is compatible with Crown original 303-FK, older 307, and more recent iteration 309-MJ which has a low profile collar.  We cannot confirm compatibility with the Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Joystick. It will install, but may affect control due it its higher collar.


    1. To install, first remove the small black e-clip located at the bottom of the Crown joystick shaft.  Inserting a 2.0mm precision screwdriver into the clip's inside curvature and pushing against the curvature can usually remove it.  Take care not to lose the clip!
    2. Once the e-clip is removed, pull the battop and shaft up and away from the joystick body.
    3. With the original battop shaft removed, insert the Crown JLF Conversion Shaft into the joystick body.
    4. The bottom of the shaft should peek out from the blue plastic actuator.  Install the e-clip by sliding it into the horizontal grove near the bottom of the shaft.
    5. Now, you can screw on a Sanwa, Seimitsu or other balltop, or use a Sanwa LB-30 N-S Battop Adapter to install a compatible battop, such as the LB-35 battops, or FA Nippon JLF ALU Series Battops.

    Installing the shaft portion of the JLF-CD shaft is not recommended due to small diameter of Crown 307 and 309 series joystick body where shaft resides. JLF-CD dustwasher is compatible.

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    1. Crown JLF Conversion Shaft

      as described on Sep 8th 2023

    2. Great for customization and quick lever installs or removal

      Simply put if you like to swap your levers from case to case buy this product.

      It will allow you to have more options for tops as well, changing the feel of your lever.

      I strongly recommend this shaft with a bullettop or battop.
      on May 26th 2023

    3. Works fine with the 309HelpMe

      Crown bats are fine, but I prefer the slightly smaller shape of Sanwa bat tops.

      I ordered this for my 309HelpMe, and it works great. The stock Crown dust washer fits it fine, and the overall height with a Sanwa LB-30N-CW installed is close to stock.

      I run a similar Sanwa compatible shaft in my 309MJ with a balltop, and that works fine, too. Crown sticks do feel a little different with a ball versus a bat, but that's probably true with any stick.
      on Feb 15th 2019

    4. Does just about all it should

      I got this product after using the crown 309 with the stock bat top for a few months and I can say that this is the best option available for putting a custom ball top on to that joystick. My only complaints are that the ball top is shorter than the stock bat top making the movement stiffer and causing you to change grip and that it cannot be fit with a shaft cover so the ball can come loose if improperly handled. After adjusting a bit I found that it fits with perfection and handles with percision. on Aug 16th 2017

    5. For those yearning for that Japanese Balltop feeling get this

      As much as I like battops some of my guest prefer the feeling of a Japanese Balltop. Equiping this shaft on the 309mj and any balltop will give you this feeling of a Japanese Balltop setup. TBH, many of my friends actually like this over the standard JLF setup. on Jul 26th 2017

    6. crown conversion shaft

      If you desire an aluminum bat/ball top,this is THE SOLUTION!
      Im still rockin the old crown 303n and with this shaft it has improved the accuracy of my game play
      on Nov 3rd 2016

    7. Easy to Install

      It's very simple to install if your using it on any crown joystick since they have very little tension on the e-clip and you just slide the old one out and replace with this and put the clip back in. No other modifications are needed to allow a ball top to be placed on. Just be warned that you may need to change the dust washer out if the sleeve has to fit inside. on Oct 12th 2016

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