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Short Sanwa JLF Joystick Shaft


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  • Product Description

    The Short Sanwa JLF Joystick Shaft removes 8mm (.31") length over the stock 68mm shaft (from base to threading).  This shaft was designed as a gameplay performance enhancement solution, specifically for those who prefer a shorter throw.  It is compatible with joysticks from the Sanwa JLF series, including TP-8YT, TP-8YT-SK, TPRG-AYT-SK, and TPRG-8BYT-SK.

    Compatibility with Sanwa and Seimitsu Accessories

    With threading that matches stock JLF shaft, nearly all balltop and battop accessories that currently fit the standard JLF series shaft are compatible. Exceptions include all Sanwa JLF-CD Shaft & Dustwasher Set models, since this shaft is shorter than the standard model, and the dustwasher conforms to the shaft cover.  Instead, please consider Solo Sanwa JLF Dustwasher - Fits Sanwa JLF without Shaft Cover (Set of 2) when purchasing this shaft.

    Works with Hori Hayabusa Lever

    The Hori Hayabusa Joystick has remained popular partly due to its interchangeability with Sanwa JLF compatible components such as springs and actuator.  Of them, you can also install this shaft.  Our support contact Joey Wainwright shows you how to install the shaft in this articlenew-window-icon.png

    Design Collaboration with KOWAL

    KOWAL is the name of a well-respected member on forums and elsewhere in the arcade community.  He has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of many control devices, and designer of many popular gameplay enhancement products such as the Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series JoystickKOWAL Hayabusa Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Plate and KOWAL LS.ST Short Throw Mod for Seimitsu LS-55/56/58/60-01 Joystick, plus essentials such as the KOWAL Flat Plate Converter.  With his permission, we were able to design a joystick shaft series that precisely measures the specific model and its mounting plate variations, supporting his brand of performance solutions that highlight accuracy and compatibility above all else. 

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    1. This may benefit gameplay in some fighters but will not change anything with regards to Street Fighter

      I just got my short JLF shaft today and installed it in Hayabusa base. Not a huge deal honestly but it's a good idea to go ahead and relubricate the pivot and pivot hollow while doing this mod. The Hori parts fit without issues over the shaft so it's compatible. You'll get a joystick shaft that barely clears the faceplate but it's still useable! LOL
      (Honestly, I'd recommend doing this mod with a joystick that has a plexi cover for faceplate art. You're going to inevitably rub the faceplate with a modded JLF/Hayabusa that has lowered clearance unless you grip the balltop handle from above constantly. Many people do tap-tap moves from the side and the side of their hands WILL brush the faceplate.)
      I played a little bit with Darkstalkers, Super Street FIghter II Turbo HD Remix, and Pac-Man Deluxe. Honestly, it's a bit like playing with an LS-32 but more like an LS-32 installed with a RE: Plate (the rectangular mounting plate) instead of the SS Mounting Plate like you'd use with at least 98% of the joystick cases out there! I felt it was somewhat uncomfortable to play with the modded Hayabusa like this but I could get used to it and the shorter shaft would probably help with "tap-tap" special moves and dashes.
      Tap-taps and dashes are where I've noticed the shorter-shaft of the LS-32 helps. I prefer playing Darkstalkers with an LS-32 because I'm more consistent pulling off horizontal Demon Cradles with the LS-32. It's possible a shorter shaft might make playing Tekken with a JLF or Hayabusa more comfortable for some people, too.
      For Street Fighter games, I honestly don't see where this shorter shaft makes an impact. I don't think an LS-32 rolls any better than a Hayabusa or LS-40 already. Street Fighter has a lot of rolling moves (obviously the Hurricane Kick and Fireballs!) and I haven't seen where diagonal inputs (Dragon Punches) are improved by shorter throws/shorter shaft lengths, either!
      Aside from the issues of reduced faceplate clearance, if you want a shaft to cover the chrome/metal of your stick shaft, you'll have to buy an existing Sanwa JLF shaft cover or mod a Seimitsu LS-40/-56/-58/-60 to fit this shaft. This means giving your plastic shaft cover a bit of a bris with a Dremel cutting wheel or saw! LOL
      For the Seimitus shaft mod, I'd recommend still cutting off from the top and NOT the base!!! The only thing keeps a Seimitsu shaft from slipping onto the Sanwa JLF shaft is a lip on the INSIDE of the Seimitsu shaft cover. (To fit a Seimitsu LS-40 shaft cover on any LS-40/-56/-58/-60, the shaft slips from underneath the metal shaft. The lip of the plastic shaft goes under the top half of the metal shaft. The pivot goes UNDER the shaft cover and helps keep it in place. To remove a Seimitsu LS-40 shaft cover, you have to disassemble the Seimitsu joystick shaft completely unlike the Hayabusa/JLF shafts that can be removed after taking off the balltop handle.)
      This lip can easily by thinned/grounded down by a coarse round file. Heck, if anything, it's easier to mod a Seimitsu LS-40 shaft cover to fit a JLF/Hayabusa stick shaft than modding any JLF shaft cover to fit an LS-32 metal shaft! There's far less plastic that has to be thinned out/ground off from the lip of the LS-40 shaft cover. Once you grind that inner lip off, the Seimitsu shaft will fit any JLF or Hayabusa control lever easily. The diameters of the LS-40/-56/-58/-60, Hayabusa, and Sanwa JLF are similar so the Seimitsu shaft covers will fit the latter joystick designs with very little modding!
      on Jan 3rd 2023

    2. Shorter Throw is the Way to Go!

      If you prefer less jerking of the wrist and more finger/thumb control over the stick this will be a necessity to your build! Get it! on Dec 24th 2021

    3. Feels like Seimitsu length but tiny bit higher

      Feels like Seimitsu length but tiny bit higher.
      Also tightens up the spring a little making it feel better.
      Feels much better and slightly tighter than the standard shaft.
      on Apr 20th 2020

    4. Prefer the feel

      I've always disliked longer shafts on arcade sticks. I purchased this and installed it into my stock Madcatz TE1 and it made it feel 10x better. on Aug 23rd 2018

    5. LS-56 Like Feel

      I've tried many of the Seimitsu joysticks and found the Ls-56 to be a favorite of mine. Unfortunately a lot of the old HRAP joysticks are easier to install Sanwa joysticks. When I read the product description about a shorter throw I figured I'd give it a try. Keep in mind my JLF joystick also has the Kowal oversized actuator and 2 pound spring installed. After installing the shorter shaft and playing a few hours of 3rd Strike and MVC2 it felt very similar to the Seimitsu LS-56. I would highly recommend this replacement JLF shaft for any SHMUP fans or fighting game fans that prefer a shorter throw. on Jul 10th 2017

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