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Starion Hinge Lever Microswitch (SZM-V16-2FA-83) - 4 Pack

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    A departure from the common Gersung GSM-V1623A2 or popular GSM-V1623A3 microswitch is the Crown CWL-309MJ-BENYLIS-ST35 Joystick preference to the Starion SZM-V16-2FA-83 hinge-lever microswitch.  Enthusiasts within the Korean lever community say that it possesses similar overall characteristics of the A3 and actuation features of the Omron V microswitch, though more economically priced than either model.  If we look at the estimated specs of the Omron V model:

    • Operation force max: 1.23N (125gf)
    • Pre-travel max: 4.0mm
    • Movement differential max: 1.5mm
    • Over-travel min: 1.6mm
    • Operation point: 15.2mm ± 1.2mm
    • Release force max: 0.14N (14.3gf)

    Let's also look at the specs of the Gersung A3

    • Operation force max: rough estimated 1.76N (~180gf)
    • Pre-travel max: 4.0mm
    • Movement differential max: 1.5mm
    • Over-travel min: 1.6mm
    • Operation point: 15.2mm ± 1.2mm

    The Starion provides an approximate ~180gf feel or (300gf for the pin plunger model). The Omron family does not possess a 180gf equivalent microswitch.

    Compatible with Levers that use the Gersung GSM-V16 Series Microswitch

    The hinge-lever characteristic of the Starion microswitch will install in existing Korean joystick lever models that accept the Gersung GSM-V16 Series Microswitch, such as the:


    Thanks to Discord's ディープ・スロート for further information regarding Omron V and Starion differences.

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    1. Alternative to the typical Gersungs.

      The 309MJ Benylis lever to my knowledge is the only lever that comes with a set of these from the factory. So just a heads up that every other crown 309 variant uses some version of the Gersung A3 microswitch except the Benylis.

      If I had to compare these feel like they have a slightly further actuation point and maybe 10gf heavier activation than the similar Gersung A3s. They also have a distinct sound to them that's likely louder than most switches and can sound cheap to some people. Personally I love the difference in feel and sound, I used them to replace the factory Gersung A2 microswitches in my Taeyoung Fanta. I have heard of some quality control issues on these because they are cheap, but personally my set of 4 was incredibly consistent and has held up.

      Specifically in 3D games and especially Tekken it improved my consistency in execution after a brief adaptation period, they do feel worse for 2D and anime games to me but I have other controllers for those games. Because of the worse feeling for 2D and Anime, the weird and loud sounds they make, and potential QC issues I can't give them 5 stars but I strongly recommend trying a set if you get deeper into tinkering with Korean levers.
      on Aug 23rd 2022

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