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Seimitsu PS-15 Low Profile Pushbutton Red/Black


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  • Product Description

    The Seimitsu PS-15 is a low profile, solid color 30mm pushbutton designed to snap into a thin (1.3mm or .051") metal panel. At just 12mm high without microswitch, the PS-15 is ideal for thinner joystick cases where vertical space is tight. Unlike the PS-14-G snapbutton, the PS-15 has a convex plunger. The PS-15 uses the Seimitsu PS-14-D Button Micro Switch. Please see our product photo gallery for full specs.

    Bundle with Silencer 30mm Foam Washers and Save!

    Silencer Foam Washer Silencer installed in Sanwa pushbutton
    Silencer installed into Seimitsu screwbutton Silencer installed in Seimitsu PS-15 Low Profile (tabs snipped to fit)

    Silencer is our 1mm-thick foam washer that helps to dampen the loud sounds common with tapping on the button plunger.  It conforms to the internal housing of many Sanwa or Seimitsu-style 30mm pushbuttons.

    Known compatibility:


    Click "Add to Order" to save 40% off retail of a Silencer foam washer for each button you purchase. 

    Silencer Installation

    installing the Silencer foam pads into a Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbutton is straightforward.  Place the washer - plastic film side down - into the button housing.  Align the small tabs so that they stick out of the holes on each side of the housing.  For Seimitsu PS-15, and Hori Hayabusa low profile pushbuttons, snip the tabs off with scissors and place into the housing.

    24 vs 30mm

    When processing orders, a frequent mistake we found among new players is choosing the wrong size for action buttons, such as punch and kick.

    Within the fighting game genre, Japanese arcade buttons commonly consist of two diameter sizes: 24 millimeter and 30 milllimeter (mm). In most configurations, 30mm represents your action button.  These are front facing, appearing most prominent on your Fightstick control panel.  Option button, such as "Start", "Select", or more recently "Option", "Touch", or "Share" are usually 24mm.

    UPDATE: Owners of Neo Geo AES Joysticks will need 24mm pushbuttons instead of 30mm (Thanks SRK's DEZALB)

    Below is a visual representation of a common Fightstick control panel.  Throughout this article, we will mark 24mm in green, and 30mm in Orange.

    Common joystick configuration

    Checking the Proper Size

    button-30mm.pngAnother way that players can misinterpret the pushbutton size is by measuring the pushbutton plunger.  Have a look at the diagram at right.

    The plunger - the part that you press down to represent an input - is 25mm or a bit smaller in most 30mm pushbuttons.  Often this leads to the conclusion that one needs a 24mm button and not 30mm.

    Similarly measuring the button rim can lead to confusion, as it is intentionally larger than the button hole it is placed in.  You don't want to use these measurements.  Instead, review the button housing diameter, or the hole the button will be placed in.  You can do this with a caliper - a digital caliper is often quite helpful for this and other arcade-related projects.

    Control Panel Configuration

    Most Fightsticks from MadCatz, Hori, Qanba, and similar will use these two sizes.  How the buttons are used will depend on the model joystick that you own. Over time, we'll provide example configurations for specific popular Fightstick models and arcade cabinets using the color key for 24mm (green) and 30mm (orange).  We'll also expand the key for future models if another size is introduced, and we offer for sale.


    24vs30mm Hitbox Example
    HRAP and Qanba Model Configuration
    MadCatz Model Configuration
    Qanba Q1 and Mayflash/Venom Model Configuration

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    1. Awful, bad feel + bad measurements + bad batch

      I got a set of these a few months back to replace my green PS-14 buttons on my 8bitdo, I just wanted red buttons to match the red LED display of the stick. But never used them since the 8bitdo is a tight package on of the buttons got pushed out. This is due to the PS-15 having smaller gaps for its clips, which rules out the PS-15 for most pre-built sticks. Hence my saying they have bad measurements.

      The bigger issue is feel. These do not feel like Seimitsu buttons. The action on the switch itself is fine (if you get a good switch that is), but the lighter housing and buttontop make the reaction of the buttons feel off, as in cheap, they feel cheap. On top of that, they don't use the flat tops like the PS-14. Basically they feel like Seimitsus trying to be Sanwas.

      But the worse part about the purchase has got to be the batch of buttons themselves. If I had been able to properly test these when I got them I'd have returned them since most of them don't trigger or trigger late. None of the buttons have a consistent feel, adding another layer of cheapness to them. The inconsistency is like playing on a wireless stick in a crowded venue, maybe even worse.

      If you want Seimitsus get the PS-14s, get the standard, not these cheap wannabe Sanwas
      on Aug 14th 2021

    2. Very nice button; conveniently compatible with Sanwa SW-68 microswitch as well!

      I've got this exact color button installed on a limited edition joystick.
      I didn't like the original PS-14-G buttons that joystick came with but I still wanted to "keep it" in the Seimitsu family so I bought a set of PS-15 buttons in the same colors of the PS-14-G's I sold to another SRK member.
      I haven't regretted it. The PS-15 is already more like the Sanwa buttons because it has convex (bulging out) plunger instead of a flat plunger like the PS-14-G. The PS-15 also has the advantage in that that like any Seimitsu pushbutton which uses the 24mm-style microswitch (PS-14-D switch) it can also use the Sanwa SW-68 microswitch. SW-68 and PS-14-D's are interchangeable. The microswitches are very different feeling but they are swappable and can be used to replace the other in pushbuttons were they switches have become worn. I chose to install SW-68's in my PS-15's and have a hybrid pushbutton in that Limited Edition Seimitsu joystick (with stock LS-32-01 lever) that I have.
      They're nice-looking buttons. Probably my second-favorite Seimitsu pushbuttons after the much-missed, limited edition Pearls which were absolutely the closest Seimitsu pushbutton in feel to the Sanwa OBSF-30. And Pearls feel more Sanwa-like even with the stock PS-14-D microswitches in them!
      Ya hear me, Seimitsu? Bring back the Pearl pushbuttons!!! You FINALLY got a shaftcover for the LS-32 line, it's time to bring back your softest feeling pushbutton!
      on Mar 8th 2020