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Crown CWL-303MJ-DX Actuator (Crazy Dongpal)

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    The CWL-303MJ-DX Actuator is designed for the popular Crown CWL 303MJ Crazy Dongpal Joystick and can be purchased as a replacement part.  

    Narrower, Harder Material than 309 Series Actuator

    Crazydongpal is a notable Tekken player known for his long-string, incredibly damaging combos.  His command of Mishima family characters sets him far apart in the Tekken scene.  He is also known for modding his own Korean levers, with tweaks to existing bodies such as the 303 to suit his playstyle.  Samducksa sought his consultation to build the CWL-303-MJ-DX. The actuator was specially designed for the lever bearing his name, with a precision manufacturing method for consistency. Samducksa says that it is .6mm narrower than the actuator used in the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST35 Joystick or Crown CWL-309-MJ-NEW-Helpme-KMS-ST30 Joystick, from is of a harder, more solid plastic material. 

    Actuator 309MJ

    Crazy Dongpal

    Height 16.0mm 16.0mm
    Outer 16.0mm 15.3mm
    Inner 7.9mm 7.9mm

    Fits the 303, 309 - Important Notes

    Samducksa states that the CWL-303MJ-DX will indeed fit in models across the 303 or 309 series. However, they have not confirmed that the Dongpal actuator will perform better than the existing ones present in these levers.  For those who like to experiment, please know that we do not have confirmation of gameplay in levers outside of the Dongpal model.

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    • Korea Samducksa 303 CRAZY DONGPAL TEST LEVER 크동레버
      303 크레이지 동팔 레버 테스트 버전 입니다.
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    Korea Samducksa 303 CRAZY DONGPAL TEST LEVER 크동레버

    303 크레이지 동팔 레버 테스트 버전 입니다.
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